How easy is it to use Hypnotic Language Patterns?

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This article is about some demonstrations of NLP Language Patterns being used and just how easily they are to use.

Green Zone, Matt Damon and Hypnotic Language

The first is a little clip from the movie Green Zone starring Matt Damon. If you have not yet seen the movie go and have a look it is a great film.

Matt’s character, Roy Miller uses one of our standard covert language patterns to try and shift the focus of his senior officers. In this example he fails completely, but notice the senior officers’ reactions as Roy hits the redefine pattern. One of them lets Roy speak and then uses a variation of the same pattern back on him.

The senior officer uses the whole of the super pattern we build up to in The Persuasion Skills Black Book. He gets an agreement frame in by letting Roy speak where the others were trying to close him down. He then none too subtly redefines Roy and clinches the deal by asking a question that quite clearly defines Roy as the subordinate person in the conversation.

Whilst this is obviously all scripted notice how naturally the conversation sounds. I guarantee that the vast majority of people that have watched this film would not have spotted the covert language patterns that were being played out here.

What do you have to do to realise how easy these patterns are?

A friend of mine recently reminded me of a conversation between his two brothers a few weeks ago demonstrating a clever pattern. The three brothers were heading off to the casino. My friend was driving and his two brothers were squabbling about who would sit in the front seat.

Alan, the elder of the two squabbling brothers, who has been studying some patterns said to the other “What do I have to do for you to let me sit in the front seat?”

“Get me a drink,” his brother replied. Alan told his brother that he would get him a drink in the casino and promptly got into the front seat of the car with no more objections. As a closing the point the soft drinks in the casino they were going to are free, so the net cost to Alan was zero.

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2 Comments on “How easy is it to use Hypnotic Language Patterns?”

  1. Randy

    I love this video (the Greenzone clip on youtube)! I would love to see more film examples of language patterns. I know there is a redefine pattern in the opening scenes of the movie “Redbelt” and there is a double bind in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery “Shall we shag now or shag later?”

    Also, I was having a “discussion” with one of my friends and I used the redefine pattern to great effect. He was arguing that the cartoon I was writing needed more set up in the earlier episodes and then gave the (Star Wars) prequels as an example, to which I responded “The issue is not that George Lucas made the prequels, the issue is that you don’t need to watch episode I-III to understand episode IV.” I won the argument right then and there!

    Thanks Rintu! I love your work!

    1. Rintu Basu


      Absolute genius. The issue isn’t getting the pattern to work it’s about picking reference material that the audience can relate to. That choice of using your friend’s example to prove your point is brilliantly played.

      Well Done.


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