NLP Anchoring Example, Installing State in Training

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An Anchoring example I wrote for a Persuasion Skills Forum a few years ago really demonstrates how a trainer can install states into their delegates quickly and easily.

Demonstrating NLP Anchors

I used to work as a training manager for a large company. On one particular day, I had the opportunity to demonstrate some anchoring to a new trainer. I got some interesting results and thought I would just share this stuff with you.

NLP State Elicitation

Every morning this group of new starts in my company had to sign a sign-in sheet. So just for the demo, I went in, held up this sheet and started talking to the group. I asked them if they were interested in money. Linked the money interest to the sheet (they don’t get paid for the day unless they sign the sheet). I then asked them if it was the money or the things they get from having money that was good for them. Once I had them nicely juiced I again (pointing out the sheet) reminded them that signing the sheet meant more than just the money for them, getting them to access all sorts of ramped up good feelings.

NLP Anchoring in Training

It then occurred to me to tell them that effectively at the beginning of the signature they had no money and by the end of their signature they sort of had loads of money for the day. Anyway, to cut a long story to shreds the next morning my trainer catches up with me during a break just to let me know the day had started in a near riot because she had not walked in with the sign in sheet.

She then followed this up by saying several of the delegates went (this is her phrase, not mine) moist just signing their name. By the third day everyone’s signature was getting bigger and more elaborate and it was taking longer and longer to get the sheet back. Apparently when they met their team leader for the first time and they were told that they were tracked through their computer logins they suggested that “just for safety” it would be good if they could sign in on a sheet as well. Some people might call me overly manipulative, but I don’t think any more fun could be had over a signature and I am sure they enjoyed the experience much more than I.

Sorry, but it was just a fun way to spend a few minutes that may live with them as long as they keep signing stuff and I thought I would share the experience with you.

Have fun

Anchoring is a complex subject, often badly taught…but when taught well is very easy to do. This article will show you actual demonstrations of spatial anchoring in training.

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      Every time I read this I imagine some of these guys wherever they are now demanding to sign their names to things.

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