NLP Techniques, The Danger of Pattern Interrupts

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A little while ago I wrote an article about how I used a pattern interrupt on a Shopkeeper and he managed to pay me to take his goods away. Here is a link to the original persuasion skills article.

Dangerous Persuasion Techniques, The ShopKeepers’ Revenge

My good friend and great NLPer Pablo wrote me a response highlighting the dangers of using pattern interrupts. Pablo runs his own blog about using Conversational Hypnosis in Spanish. He is really good at this stuff in English so I suspect he is blindingly brilliant in his native language. If you are Spanish speaking then take the opportunity to have a look at Pablo’s Spanish Persuasive Hypnosis Blog.

Losing Money with NLP Techniques

Pablo sent me an email which not only highlights a complete pattern interrupt process, but also shows you how this sort of persuasion technique is fraught with danger. Here is the email in full:

From: Pablo Vázquez

Date: 01 March at 20:48

Hi, Rintu,

I have just read your blog post about the shop, the change and the confusion pattern you ran on him. And it´s great.

The thing is that I lived something very similar a few months ago. I went to have an ice cream at the mall. It was late (maybe 23:00 or so). We had our ice creams and, when it was time to pay, my friend approached the waiter to pay (I had paid the pizzas and the beers!) and handed a 10 Euro bill.

The thing went like this: The waiter, which was not the one who had brought the ice creams, asked what we had had. And my friend said: “Well, if you don´t know, then we just had two glasses of water”. We three laughed the joke (my friend uses to be serious and that made it even funnier!).

So I said: “Two ice creams, really. One of this kind, one of that one”. And the waiter put the data on the computer and voilá: “It was 10 Euros and a few cents”. So I went and looked for the cents (20, I think) and handed them to the waiter.

And then it happened… He stayed there, just waiting. And then he asked for 10 Euros. And my friend said: “I have handed a 10 Euro bill to you”. And the waiter said: “No”. And I said: “Yes, check it”. And the waiter replied: “No.”. And, in the end, we were almost in doubt.

So we asked the waiter if they had a cam and a phone number. We told him to check the cam or the figures of the day and we added that we would phone him the next morning. And we did. And my friend´s note was inside the box, where the waiter had put it -I had seen it.

What happened? I told my friend about it when we left. He had interrupted the pattern of the waiter. He handed the 10 Euro bill -he didn´t know that the ice creams were a bit more expensive than that- and when asked about our order, he played his joke about the two glasses of water. And, meanwhile -I saw it!-, the waiter put the 10 Euros on the box and laughed.

Then he went back to his “program”, but everything had happened and the mess was just there. He didn´t want to fool us, nor did we want to fool him. It just happened: he didn´t remember anything about the 10 Euros. And, no matter what we told him, he didn´t believe he had put the bill on the box. Amnesia! And my friend doesn´t know about hypnosis or NLP!

It was great and, when I read your post, I remembered about it. A nice moment, no doubt. See you, Rintu. Keep posting, my friend. And writing, of course. I want to read your 2 next books. OK?

Finding Out More

If you want to find out more about these types of persuasion tactics a great place to start would be the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed. This is a download course that covers many important areas of Hypnotic Persuasion Skills.

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