Changing Your Subject’s View on Reality

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This article is covertly about how changing the frame can give people a completely different perspective, and as a result you get huge leverage in persuading them. Overtly it is just an email exchange from a customer asking a couple of questions. As you read the article though think about situations where changing the frames would make a difference for … Read More

The Key to Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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There are all sorts of fancy NLP Techniques you can use to persuade people. But there is one thing that makes the biggest difference. John sent me an email the other day giving us an excellent example of how to succeed with Persuasion Skills.

Persuasion Skills Builder Exercises

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I was recently sent an email from John that had a brilliant exercise for building your CV / Resume. But is also contains a sneak little secret that everyone involved with persuasion skills needs to understand. Take on board this little idea and you will be infinitely more persuasive in any context.