Using Hypnotic Language as a Filter

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In this eight minute video you will discover how you can use your language to filter the images in everyone’s head. This is probably the most influential thing about hypnotic language, if you truly get your head around this one concept you will become an incredibly skilful covert hypnotic persuader. It is an easy concept to learn but it is … Read More

NLP Training Going Beyond Positive Thinking

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There is a lot propagated in the personal development field about positive thinking. This article is about how dangerous taking a simplistic idea of positive thinking can be, how you can actually use the concept and some practical application for restructuring the basis of your entire reality.

Getting Real Results using NLP Techniques

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Have you noticed just how much NLP stuff that is out there that is high level theoretical junk that is difficult to apply? This article is about just how easy it is to get really solid results from NLP persuasion techniques when you ground it down to a direct application. Here is the story of John and how he got … Read More

Tops Ways to Destroy Your Self Esteem

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The last few articles and videos have been about altering your perceptions of the world. This article is about why you should and how you can change your perceptions on a moment by moment basis. We even go as far as discussing how you can do this with other people as well.

How to Charm the Pants of Anybody

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Have you noticed that people with charm, presence and charisma get what they want more often than people that are rude, nasty and aggressive? I don’t think that is always true but what I can say from experience is the former get more consistent results and have better reputations, friends and referrals. This article contains some of the golden rules … Read More