Tom Paterson – NLP Role Model

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A little while ago I put up a web page about a man I am really privileged to know. I would argue that Tom Paterson is one of the best NLPers in the world. I say this simply because of the results he has created for himself and others through his use of NLP Techniques.

Using NLP Techniques to Reinvent Yourself

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Tracy McLeod is a graduate of an NLP practitioner course that I ran a few years ago.  Tracy is an excellent training consultant with the huge amount of skills, experience and expertise. Here are a few things she has got up to since.

Four things you must know before booking NLP Training

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Yesterday I put out an article highlighting the shortcomings about some training courses that I have noticed and that I think occur in a lot of NLP Training. Here is the promised follow up article about four things you should watch for when looking for personal development training.

NLP Training does not work

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I admit this is a contentious title but I would suggest that unless you put certain conditions in place training generally and NLP training specifically doesn’t work. In this article I will explain why I am making that claim and some of the simple things you can do to make your learning effective.

Mastering the Weird VooDoo Sh1te

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In this article I will show you a specific set of patterns I often use in training where I can get anyone to make positive connections between any content I give them and what they are there to learn. Let me be a little more specific I can say any random content and the student will make connections to why … Read More

NLP Persuasion Skills in Training

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The following article will take you through several videos that will show you some of the ways you can use NLP Persuasion Techniques in a training context. Any trainer will get lots of tools and ideas from this. If you are not a trainer the following videos will give you a great insight into how you can use a variety … Read More