How Would You Apply NLP Skills

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This video is an interview of three of the students from last year’s NLP Practitioner Course on their last day. It is an active demonstration of how internal filters completely change perspective and it is a great exercise to practice spotting how your language frames your experience.

The Myth of NLP Rapport

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In yesterday’s post we looked at a couple of things that would stop you developing good rapport skills.  Today we will look at a way of developing rapport that is calculated to give you minimum results for a huge amount of effort but is still taught as commonplace amongst the NLP community.

Dark Side Patterns, Belief Destroyer

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Six years ago I listened to a programme that had a deep and very profound impact on me. It was a course called the Dark Side by Kenrick Cleveland. Below is an extremely powerful covert belief destroying pattern that I use in training that is based on one of Kenrick’s Dark Side Patterns.