Every Decent Coach needs to do Trance

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I have self-coaching in my head today as I am delivering a presentation on how to overcome your limiting beliefs and get ahead through self-coaching today. This article talks about the importance of trance in blowing out limiting beliefs and installing empowering beliefs whether this is for yourself or for your clients.

The EnTrance to an Empowered Self Image

You might already recognise the fact that all the meaning you encode on your world is only created inside your head. For example let’s say a person misses their train to work. They might take this to mean that

  • They are so disorganised that they don’t deserve to have a decent job.
  • They deserve to take the day off because they are so hard worked that they can’t get to the station in good time.
  • The train company doesn’t run an efficient service
  • It as a sign that they should change jobs.

I guess you can think of a lot more as well. As you can see this all of these meanings are created inside the head of the person and none of it has any real existence outside their head. The only thing that is “real” is the fact that they missed the train. Everything else is meaning that the person has placed on the event.

The Gravity of Beliefs

The logical extension to this is that all our beliefs are the meanings that we create from emotionally charged events or from repeat viewings of similar events. For example I know gravity exists because every time without fail that I try to pick up both feet from the floor at the same time I fall over. On the same grounds I have a belief that falling over hurts. I only had to fall over once to form this belief because it was a significant emotional event the first time it happened. In this way I have encoded meaning to many things that have occurred in life.

The gravity and falling over hurts beliefs perhaps might not need changing but what if through some set of circumstance through your life you created any of these beliefs:

  • I don’t deserve a good job / a loving relationship / a healthy body
  • I will never be good at cooking / maths / sports / my job
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • All (x) are (y) eg. All tradesmen are crooks, all men are rapists etc.
  • Spiders are scary
  • I could never talk to a crowd

Again all these beliefs could be created through a sequence of events, but they are all just created in your head. Think of the power you would have if you could change these beliefs in yourself, think of the power you could have if you could help others change their beliefs as well. Some might find this a daunting task, but the reality is that many beliefs can be changed quickly and easily. This video will show you how this is possible:


If you want to know how to do this overtly for yourself or with clients as well as covertly in a persuasion context such as sales, dating, management, parenting the place to learn is Advanced Persuasion Patterns, the most comprehensive download course on hypnotic persuasion skills. Click through and find out more:

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