Do Hypnotic Language Patterns Create Results?

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I wrote a short article last week with a particular favourite pattern of mine. The pattern in its entirety is “What do I have to do to cause (x) to happen?”

NLP Techniques or NLP Process, what works best?

Of course that is not quite what you say; it is just the full blown structure of the pattern. Here are a few different versions of it for different contexts:

Conflict resolution
What do I have to say or do for you to calm down right now?
Where would we have to go for you to really want to go on a date with me?
What do I have to tell you about the product for you to be comfortable to buy right now?

Note with the last one the presupposition is about being comfortable with buying… but the embedded command “Buy Right Now” is telling you different.

I hope you can already see the cause and effect cycle and the assumptions buried in this pattern. Once your subject gives you an answer and you then do what they ask they are almost duty bound to respond with the action they have just agreed. It is a linguist application of Cialdini’s principles of reciprocity and commitment / consistency. It is very powerful and all contained in a simple linguistic frame. But will it get you the result?

Favourite Versions of NLP Language Patterns

Here is my favourite way of using this pattern. I normally want to give my subject a huge benefit statement before leading into the pattern. So for example in a sales context I might say something like, “With this product you will be able to do (…insert fulfilling core values that you have already elicited from your client…). So what do we have to discuss now for you to want to buy it today?”

I like this because you are taking your prospect through a positive representation of the things they have already told you would make them feel good and then you are giving them the opportunity to create the course of action to get them there.

But will this get you the result?

The short answer is every little helps and without a good process you will need lots of help. One reason many NLPers fail when using hypnotic language patterns is because they do not concentrate on the process of persuasion. You need to concentrate on the sequence of thoughts you want your subject to go through that will take them from where they are to where you want them to be. Unless you do this you are in the same scenario as most people and just throwing stuff at the wall hoping some of it sticks.

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