How to Mess with People Minds Using NLP and Hypnosis

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Imagine how easy it is to learn any skill if you have a model to follow. Someone that you can watch working, see the impact they have and then be able to ask questions to get the insight on the decisions the made. This is the basis of NLP and Hypnotic Modelling.

My special methodology for teaching Hypnotic Language works on this process. I seriously mess with people’s minds (only in a good way of course). Here is how I do it with an audience when I am training them.

Using Hypnotic Langauge to Teach Hypnotic Language

I use hypnotic language to teach hypnotic language. The structure I use is to use lots of hypnotic language in the conversation as I start teaching. I then tell the audience how I was using patterns with them and deconstruct some of them so they can see what was happening and how easily I can channel their thoughts.

Desperate to Hear What I Have to Say

From there the audience usually hangs on my every word, analysing what I am saying, how I am saying it and what impact it has on them. After they have done that for a while I point out that is exactly what any trainer wants from their audience, and I have engineered it so they have almost no option but to comply.

I then tell them that the rest of the talk is about showing them how they can apply the same principles to situations in their own lives. I use this approach on groups and individuals and it has people desperate to learn from me as well as paying very close attention to what I have to say.

A comment I always get is when people tell me that even when they know what I am doing they can’t help but follow along. I often have to point out that one of my favourite strategies is to tell people and gain their permission to manipulate them. And that is bound to be even more effective than just covertly running patterns over them.

The Difference Between Having Tools and Having a Strategy

Getting people to change beliefs, take action and do what you want is the difference between using some hypnotic language patterns and having a process that moves people from where they are to where you want them to go.

The difficulty in learning this approach is that you need to see it in action and to be able to deconstruct what is happening and then apply it to situations that are unique to you. Here is how you can learn covert hypnotic persuasion skills by modelling my skills. Click here to learn more:
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