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I thought I would give you another really simple NLP Language Pattern that is very flexible and easy to use but can be incredibly powerful.

A New Hypnotic Language Pattern for You

Trust me, the more you read through this article the more you will realise how easy this pattern is to use to the point where you might find yourself using it automatically.

I was reminded of this pattern recently on a DVD from Josh Haughton and Taylor Sherman. Let me tell you the whole story.

Tranced Out

Josh Haughton and Taylor Sherman have asked me to review some of their material. The pattern I am going to describe is one of the many that are detailed on a Language Pattern DVD they will be releasing in the future. It is a powerful pattern in its own right but we are going to add a twist that ramps the power of this pattern through the roof.

I will put out a full review of Josh and Taylors’ next product Tranced Out in a next few days but for the moment I think it is brilliant. They have lots of things planned for this launch and I know one of their fast action bonuses will be a copy of the language pattern DVD so look out for it.

Josh and Taylor are putting out a huge amount of incredibly good and free hypnosis content in celebration of the impending launch and you can get it here.

NLP Language Patterns for the Real World

I was watching this NLP Language Pattern DVD and noticing all the great patterns Josh and Taylor were demonstrating when we suddenly got to this pattern. The more I watched the more engrossed I got in that way where you suddenly see a spark of an idea and all of a sudden you can get excited about how many different ways of you can think of using it.

Taylor does a great job of explaining this very powerful pattern and it is a pattern that is well known in NLP and Hypnosis circles. I use it in the real world as part of my normal language but what I hadn’t realised was how flexible it is and how you can construct things before and after it to make the pattern even more powerful. So we are going to look at the pattern, some examples and how you can build even more around it.

The More You Put in the More You Get Out

Here is the foundation of this NLP Language Pattern, it is called “The More…The More”. The basic construction is:

The more you (x), the more you (y)

Where (x) is a process or action the subject is doing anyway
And (y) is what you want the subject to be doing
Here is an example:

The more you read through this article the more you will understand how simple this pattern is to use.

I want to stay away from any more examples for a few moments because I first want to explain how you can make this pattern even more powerful.

You Can Embed Commands

For those of you that have studied my Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme you will already notice how you can layer in all sorts of embedded commands from this phrase but for this article I am going to give you a simple device so you can do it easily. That structure is:

To the point where (add a command, process or experience for your subject)

So here is the example in full:

The more you read through this article the more you will understand how simple this pattern is to use to the point where you do it naturally.

Hypnotic Language Pattern Examples


“The more we discuss the features of this product the more you understand the benefits to the point where you can see this product as an integral part of your business.”


“The more you argue the more you realise you can get your homework done quickly to the point where you suddenly find yourself doing it now so you can then play on the computer.”

Job Interviews

“I have highlighted the relevant points on my CV. As you read through them the more you will notice how uniquely qualified I am for the position to the point where you might realise how much benefit I can bring to the role. Would you like me to outline how I see your company benefiting from hiring my services?”

As you reread these examples you will start to notice how I am bending and tweaking the structure to recreate the pattern to suit the context and my natural style, to the point where you might already see multiple applications in your own life.

Paying it Forward (almost)

I need to say thanks to Josh and Taylor for giving me the spark for this post. Their material is fantastic, I will have a full review of Tranced Out in a few days but in the mean time have a look here for the tons of exceptionally good and free material they are releasing in celebration of their project.

I also want to say thanks to Loren Woirhaye who has recorded the first ever video testimonial for The Persuasion Skills Black Book. It is a great, balanced and unbiased review (I’d actually never heard of him until I saw the review but looking at his stuff I’m glad I do now) and he tells it warts and all. You can see it here. Have a look and then click through to his website and sign up to his newsletter. I got his free report “50 Proven Ways to Make More Money Through Your Website” It is well worth a read and is completely free.

And Finally…

It would not be right if I didn’t create a super pattern example… and obviously to make this work I should be selling you something. So here goes:

The issue is not about understanding this pattern; it’s about learning how you can naturally construct these types of patterns for yourself. The more you think about how you can do that the more you realise how simple it is when you have the foundations in place. You might not have realised yet that a great place to get this foundation is The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

But please don’t buy yet as we have not discussed the many different ways you can benefit from using Hypnotic Language Patterns in your everyday life. As you consider specific times, situations and events where powerful persuasive tools would be useful to you, does using ten minutes a day to practice and have fun with persuasive language seem like a good investment to you? The more you think about this the more you might suddenly realise The Persuasion Skills Black Book is a good buy.

The Prize

The above was constructed to be spoken rather than read so read it through a couple of times. The more you read it through the more you will see the number of patterns embedded in it to the point where you just start to use similar patterns in your own life. The first three people that write up their experience of using “the more…the more” pattern on the Facebook Fan Page will win a free signed copy of the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

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