The Power of Pattern Interrupts

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This is an article about using confusion to generate an instant trance to make people suggestible.

Shaking People Out of Trance

People are hypnosis machines. They flit from trance to trance. If you are not sure about this spend a few moments watching people on the streets in the middle of any large town. What you will see is people going about their business almost completely oblivious to their surroundings.

One important area of hypnotic persuasion is getting people out of the trance they are in and into the trance that you want them in. One great way of doing this is called pattern interrupts. The theory is simple.

When something so completely outside of your normal experience happens it often takes a few moments for you to work out how to act. And in those few seconds you are open and suggestible to a new direction.

Learn to Pattern Interrupt

Here is comedian Jack Vale just pattern interrupting for comedy effect. Watch the video because it is really funny but also notice how many of the people just slip into trance. In particular watch the guy at 1.35 As a hypnotic persuader at that point you could have taken this guy anywhere.


But How Useful is a Pattern Interrupt?

In the Persuasion Skills Black Book you will read about a particular circumstance where a pattern interrupt saved my life. Here is an article where a pattern interrupt allowed me lead a complete stranger out to some odd places. That little pause between thoughts is a great place to place some imaginative suggestions. Here is the article

If you want to find more about a strategic approach to hypnotic persuasion skills then the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed is a great place to start. Click though and find out more here.


2 Comments on “The Power of Pattern Interrupts”

  1. Dave Murphy

    So the idea of pattern interrupts the normal process of a persons thoughts and begins to take them in a different direction.. right? and when there sitting thinking about rainbows and having those blissful feelings whizzing through there body, You will know how easy it is a pattern interrupt can be very powerful!

  2. Boudewijn Lutgerink

    Hey Rintu, not only the guy at 1:35 had that moment but the lady on the right at the start of the video had that too. When Jack said, “they don’t make the apple sauce quite right…” She turns her head away to process hat he just said… I like the idea of this. That is of course because my border collies don’t like silver tulips… But I’m cool with that, because it’s never too hot in my fridge

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