Feel Good Techniques Increase Productivity

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One of the predictors of success is how well you can put off short-term gain for a long-term result. There has been lots of research into this but it does boil down to some obvious simplicity.

For example the difference between eating a big meal now because you are hungry now versus going for a run because it will help you reach your long-term fitness goals. People that can put off the short-term gain for the longer term results are the ones that are going to achieve more over time.

If you follow this premise, then the question is how could you get the emotional kick from short term gains while heading for longer term results. And again lots of research has been done around this. Apparently things like gratitude rituals work well for giving you that emotional boost.

If, like me, you shudder at the hug a stranger, sweetness and light brigade don’t fear I’m not going to take you into Woo Woo land. Here is a simple, practical exercise to get you more focused and motivated.

This usually works best if you set a regular time and place to do this, spend a few moments running through your achievements from the previous day. This is not a big thing; you are not looking for huge things although when they happen that is also great, just things from the day before that you achieved.

For example, yesterday, I managed to finish reading a book, phoned my mother, cooked a nice meal and wrote up a couple of article outlines. These are not “save the cheerleader, save the world” achievements. They are the stuff of the ordinary but by placing my focus on them they made me smile. And that gave me a positive emotional kick that makes today feel good.

Do this for a week (that is how long I have been doing it) and trust me, you will notice the difference. Set an alert on your phone or watch for a time when you know you will have a few minutes every day. When the alert goes off, spend less than ten minutes thinking about the things you achieved yesterday. Do this for a week (that is how long I have been doing it) and trust me, you will notice the difference.

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