Hypnotic Language Patterns for Interviews

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This article is about some great NLP Language Patterns used by Eugene in an interview situation. They show some brilliant future pacing and are well worth looking at for interviews and adapting for other situations.

Using Hypnotic Language Patterns in a Job Interview

Here is his email in full.

From: Eugene
Sent: 05 May 03:38
To: Rintu Basu
Subject: Interview pattern I used today

Hi Rintu

Thought you might want to share this with you students as evidence your book is priceless. Had an interview with the GM I would be reporting to this am – first face to face meeting after being screened carefully by a recruiting firm and a prior phone interview with him.

Of the several patterns I employed (including, “how do you imagine us working together, with you being based in Louisville and me in NY?”), this was my favorite:

“Once you’ve selected the candidate and they have been in the position for a while, how do you envision success? I mean – what will I be doing and achieving, how will I be interacting within the organization, you know – how does it look and feel when it’s working?” You could literally see the wheels spinning as he thought about it for a while smiling slightly…

Shortly afterwards he said that the next step is for me to speak with his boss and he initiated a discussion to figure out the soonest opportunity for that to happen. I’ll be sure to ask him the same question!

Thanks for the virtual help! And please be gratified to know that each time I read the book my understanding grows deeper (nearly through the second time now).


For me it is not just about getting these fantastic results but all about how much fun you can have alo0ng the way.

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  1. Terry Neustrom

    Bought and read your book ” Persuasion Skills Black Book and highly recommend to to others. One of the most important books I have ever read on persuasion. I am a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist in the US and have implemented your theories with great success. Please continue to email me your great materials. Thanks…Terry Neustrom, M.ht

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