Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Job Hunting

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One question I am asked often is, “How do I hide holes in my experience or skills in an interview situation?”

Using NLP to turn Weakness to Strength

My usual answer is don’t hide the perceived weaknesses just reframe them as key strengths and then wave them in front of your interviewer…even getting them to agree that they are a key strength that they need in the organisation.

NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills

In the NLP CV Writing and Interview Package I take you through a hypnotic answer formula you can use for almost any question. I then take you through how to modify your answer for difficult questions including reframing perceived problems as real key strengths.

I have been sent an email from Dr Kate Hammond where she advised people on Linkedin to do the same. Have a look at the email, the answers to the difficult question that was suggested and Kate’s approach to see which would have the most impact for you.

From: Dr Kate Hammond
Sent: 09th  12:17
To: Rintu

Hi Rintu,

Question on psychologist, psychotherapists etc group of LinkedIn:

“I have noticed that you have been out of work for over six months. Can you explain this break in employment?”

How would YOU answer this? Is this a good way of approaching the question?

” I tried retirement, and it’s not for me. I am a do-er and like to be active. I feel I have many more years of productivity left. “

” I am looking for something different. I am fortunate to be in a position to take time to make sure this job is right for both of us. “

” I have used this time to brush up (or learn) a new skill, and now I am ready to contribute my knowledge and expertise to a viable company such as yours.”

I’ve posted:

Use NLP! the issue is not x, it’s y, then ask a question to take interviewer further down your path.

“The issue really is not how long I’ve been out of work, but how much experience I have gained while I was in work and the use I made of that time. Shall I tell you about the ways I think I could really add value to your company drawing on my experience?”

Worth a try?

I learnt this from Rintu Basu, at www.thenlpcompany.com

This is my favourite pattern, especially dealing with my 5 year old twins!


What is a Job Interview Really About?

Kate is using one of the patterns from The Persuasion Skills Black Book but she has really grounded it into the interview context by nailing the real issue in a job interview, “How will the interviewee add value to the company?”

In the NLP CV Writing and Interview skills programme we will discuss the main misconceptions that are prevalent in the job hunting market. Many people go to interviews thinking that the interview is about them. Interviews are not about the interviewee but about the company. In interview your only job is to constantly demonstrate how you will add value to the company. The NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Package shows you exactly how you can do that with every question (including the difficult ones).


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