Job Interview Techniques Enhanced with NLP Part Five

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It will always be true that the best interview candidates are not necessarily the best for the role. I hope I have given you some insight in to the reasons why some people are consistently better at interview than others.

NLP for Difficult Job Interview Situations


Developing an NLP based process for Job Interviews can quickly make you a great interview candidate. The advantage is that once you have done this you will be free to pick and choose the companies and jobs you want. I hope you take the opportunity to develop this freedom. A full NLP Practitioner Course will give you these skills and much more, but you can get all you need to develop Job Interview Skills from my download video presentation.


Problematic Interview Situations


In this post we will discuss some problematic interview situations and how you can not only get around them, but also turn them in to benefits easily. We will use a case study from a few years ago when Dave was applying for a job. Before we start you can read Dave’s testimonial on the NLP Interview Techniques website.


Pre Planed NLP Intervention


When Dave went for the job we already knew that there was a big objection that would come up about his age. Therefore it was easy to prepare for it. In fact the situation was that if the interviewer did not bring it up Dave would.


During your preparation you should highlight and be aware of any obvious issue that could come up in interview. The most obvious ones are lacking in experience and gaps in your work history, but there are others.


The objective in interview is to change the obvious problem in to a benefit for the company. This you can think through before the interview, so when it comes up you are totally prepared. With Dave he decided that his age gave him energy and his lack of experience meant he had a fresh perspective on the job that their experienced employees didn’t have. He then linked this to some examples from his work experience and turned them in to benefits statements for the company. He then built this back to the perfect interview answer that we discussed in previous posts.


NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns


The result was that when the interviewer brought the subject up Dave was prepared. He took the interviewer to a point where they could see how it was really a benefit to the company, then illustrated how his previous company had benefitted and then left the interview imagining what a great result he would get when Dave was working for the company.

Discrimination, Interviews and NLP Re-frames


Dave knew this situation was going to come up and he had thought it through and practiced his answers before hand. He also worked out and practiced how he would bring the issue up in case the interviewer didn’t. I recommend doing this because in certain cases interviewers won’t bring up an issue. For example I have some clients that have a physical disability. In the UK it is illegal to discriminate on this basis so it is unlikely for an interviewer to bring it up even if they think it is a problem. By bringing the issue up your self and framing it as a positive benefit for the company you can deal with these hidden issues.


If you have been through the first few lessons of the ten week hypnotic persuasion skills course you already know the pattern and how useful it can be. So here is the pattern relating to Dave.


“The issue is not my age, but the energy I can put into creating results for the company.”

Obviously there is a lot more to develop to completely redirect the interviewer, but this should start you in the right direction and you can see how this might now develop. Here is another example that might fit in a job interview situation: 

“The issue is not that I spent a year travelling but the fact I have developed my communications skills to work across many different cultures, let me show you how your company can benefit from this skill…”


This then leads in to one of your ideal interview answers that you have already prepared.


For those of you going through the free ten week hypnotic persuasion skills course consider how you can build and agreement frame in as well. This would allow you to use the same pattern to bring the objection up even if the interviewer doesn’t. For example:


“I have changed jobs several times in the last year and this might look like I don’t have any commitment. Whilst I agree it does look that way, the issue is not my commitment but the results I can achieve for you, by changing jobs several times I have a huge breadth of experience to draw from that gets really great results. For example in my previous company I got …result…by doing…Just imagine the results you will get when I do … in your company.”


For those NLP Practitioners out there recognise the pace and leading statements, the agreement frame (10% rule) the redefine, benefit statements and a future pace, all built into a hypnotic script. I have left out the trance words and values statements to make it simple to analyse. For those of you that prefer simpler English the above paragraph is a neat mini hypnotic script leaving a post hypnotic suggestion in the mind of the interviewer that you are a great person for the job because of an objection that may have come up.


If you have done a practitioner level NLP Training this will be obvious, self evident and you should be doing this as a natural part of your everyday life. My video presentations for Using Psychological Skills for CV Writing and Job Interview Techniques will show you how to construct these answers in seconds and have enough of them stored in your head to cover any interview question.

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