Job Interview Nerves and NLP Techniques Part Two

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In this post we will have a look at some of the NLP Techniques you can use to prepare for Job Interviews.


Dealing with Interview Nerves


Some people get nervous in interviews. This could be due to a variety of factors and it would be useful to know what specifically causes the nerves issue for them.


If it is something like lack of good preparation or not knowing how to handle certain types of questions then the solution is very simple. Prepare well and have a formula for answering that you can use for any question that comes up. If you don’t know how to construct this my Using Psychological Tools for CV Writing and Job Interview Techniques video presentation gives you a detailed step by step process to create a very powerful, but simple hypnotic answer formula that is easy to use in Job Interviews.


If the issue is more about being assessed, focused on and under the spot light then using NLP reframing techniques to look at the situation differently may be a way forward. My version of job interviews is part to do with me assessing whether I want to work with the company and to give the company the opportunity to employee me. By redefining the purpose of the interview this way I am not the one being assessed…the company is.


There may be many other reasons for being nervous at interview and there are many different NLP techniques that can help. This might include state management techniques such as NLP anchoring.


Perceptual Positions, Walking in the Shoes of your potential employer


Doing some basic research into the role and the company would prepare you to use a traditional tool that is taught on NLP Training Courses around the word, perceptual positions. This would be a great way to understand how you would fit into the company and what benefits you could bring. You will find many different and comprehensive versions of Perceptual Positions written up on the internet and at least one version on this website so I’ll not repeat it here. Just imagine the implications of being able to take key benefit statements that the company would respond to and then build them back in to your ideal interview answers. This, for me is a key step in preparing for a job interview.


Future Pacing Your Results


Another really useful NLP Technique for Interview Preparation would be using some creative visualisation around the interview. Normal NLP fodder would suggest visualising the successful conclusion of the interview, or even starting the job. Whilst I agree with this I think there is a lot of fun to be had visualising many other elements as well.


In the last post we talked about setting up anticipation loops that you are going to fire off during the interview. In the next post we will discuss taking covert control of the interview and later the use of hypnotic language patterns. All of these things will provide dramatic effects in interview. I think you could have tremendous fun visualising these things working well and the impact they have. Doing this sort of preparation makes you rehearse your answers mentally, makes the whole interview process more fun and therefore keeps you more relaxed when you do it for real.


There are many more ideas and things we can do with NLP to prepare ourselves for Job Interviews but I thought I would just share a few of my favourite. In general I am more in favour of having a process to go through when preparing for jobs so I can systematically follow it and know I will have some consistency. This is the approach I use for the Using Psychological Techniques for CV Writing and Job Interview Skills video presentation.

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