NLP Job Hunting Techniques, Are You Experienced?

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One problem that job seekers have is that they feel like that company holds all the cards. Here is an idea to switch the balance of power and use your experience to have companies screaming to employ you. 

Nice CV Mr Hendrix, But Are You Experienced

These days job candidates are being asked for particular types of experience. Many get hamstrung by having some but not quite all the experience that is required.

Most of the time this doesn’t have to be an issue. Here are a couple of ideas around dealing with the experience issue.

The key thing is that many candidates go into the job hunting process with a begging bowl attitude pleading for a job.

Have you ever been faced with a desperate over eager sales person? If you have, then you will understand how poorly this comes across and how unlikely you are to buy from this person. Job candidates come across in the same fashion.

NLP Techniques, Reframing Experience

Imagine a sales person that instead of bombarding you with statements about how great their product is; they take the time to understand your needs. They then go on to link your needs to how their product could solve those needs. They negotiate intelligently and are prepared to walk away if the deal doesn’t suit both parties.

In a job interview situation this is reflected by the candidate walking in with an air of confidence, presenting their experience and linking it to the role they are applying for. The ideal candidate understands that the interview is not about them, it is about the company’s needs and how they can fulfil that need.

Usually when I say these things some people typically start saying things like, “But you aren’t in control of the interview and all you can do is answer the questions that are asked of you.”

I generally respond by suggesting that as an interview candidate it is your responsibility to be in control of the conversation. While the standard form for an interview has the majority of the questions being asked of the interview candidate, it shouldn’t stop the candidate being in complete control of the situation.

I am suggesting that the interview candidate should have done several things before the interview.

Firstly the candidate needs to set up their CV or Resume so that they already know what questions should be asked and what experience they will be presenting back to the company. This experience should be based on the company values, the job criteria and benefit statements that meet the company needs.

For example, if your last job was a pizza topping designer and you are looking for a job as a brain surgeon you need to explain how the precision hand-eye coordination of placing toppings on a pizza relate to making precise cuts with a scalpel that a brain surgeon makes.

If Jimi Hendrix were going for a management position, he might link his skills as a performer to captivating and selling the vision to his team.

Using Questions to Present Your Experience

Once you can do this all you need is to have an answer formula that allows you to relate the question to your experience and forces the interviewer to see you as a successful applicant that is doing a great job for the company. The more you can get the interviewer to see you this way the better success you will have.

This can take a little bit of practice and the reality is spending half an hour for the next week practicing this way of answering questions will inevitably end up with you achieving your dream job.

If you need more information the whole process is laid out in a step by step process in the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills course. Here is what Raymond had to say about it:

“This course is invaluable! I overhauled my resume in one evening from a list of tasks to a page of standout achievements and I learned how to get potential recruiters hooked in to find out how I had achieved my accomplishments. With this alone I was able to increase my number of interviews by 50%.

I learned how to use my resume as the building block for conducting an interview and actually taking the reins during the interview. This I admit was the most difficult part for me to grasp, but I am amazed how an adjustment in my attitude before the interview created such a powerful outcome. I am now negotiating between three offers and it seems surreal.

Thank you!

Raymond G”


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