NLP Techniques and Job Interviews

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I was sent an email yesterday about a common interview problem that seems to be about nerves. The problem is a bigger issue and so I thought I would write a little article about the subject.

Developing the Right Attitude

Here is the email.

From: John
Sent: 15 September 03:30
To: Rintu
Subject: Re: Complimentary Copy of my new Job Hunting Book


I was hoping you could give me some extra advice. I have an interview coming up. I use your techniques, but I still get choked up in the interview. Not sure how you break through this problem.



In the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Programme we spend a lot of time discussing the right attitude to go job hunting. The core issue is that the majority of Job Seeking Chumps walk around with a begging bowl attitude pleading with employers to employ them.

My reality is you are giving employers the opportunity to discover that you are the best person for the job. If you were to believe this how do you think you would act in an interview? I don’t think you would be arrogant, boastful or nervous. All of these things usually denotes some lack of self-esteem. I think you would be cool, calm, collected and possibly a little excited to be able to discuss a job that you think is important and that you are passionate about.


How important is that Job?


Again many Job Seeking Chumps enter interviews worried that they may never get another interview, that they have to get this particular job and they put themselves under a huge amount of pressure.


When you start to use the NLP Job Hunting System you will soon see that the CV process will pull lots of interviews. So if you know that there are lots of jobs out there, that the balance of power is with you and that the companies have to fight to prove they are worthy enough to employ you this particular interview should not take any particularly strong influence.


So the right attitude for going into the interview is about placing it in the context that there are lots of jobs to be interviewed for and that you are just offering the company the opportunity to find out just how good you are. In the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Package there are a number of exercises about developing this attitude but ultimately it boils down to noting what the behaviour would be like if you held these beliefs and then acting that way until it becomes automatic.


Being the Focus of Attention


Some people don’t like being the focus of attention and this stops them from being good in interviews. The first thing I would like you to recognise if you fit into this category is that there is a misconception about interviews. Many people think that interviews are about them. They are actually about the company and how you can provide a service to that company. So right from the start switch the focus round and keep the attention on how you can provide the unique service that the company desperately needs. I have a standard answer formula that has this thought process built in. Discover a lot more about it in the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Programme.


Using Stress to Your Advantage


I would like you to recognise that interviews are not normal situations and therefore you might not want to be completely relaxed and chilled out. An interview is a focused business meeting with the express purpose of allowing the company to discover how desperately they need your services. As such I expect you to be alert, focused and aware of opportunities to demonstrate your brilliance to do their job.


As such I expect you to be more focused and possibly more stressed than normal. This is just a signal from your body to let you know that this is an important experience and that you should be alert. One of the best ways I have found to managed your stress levels in an operating environment is through using your peripheral vision. You will a number of articles on the subject if you search my site but you can discover the most effective way of developing the skills when you go through the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills package.


Finally you can also just acknowledge and reframe the behaviour. For example, “Sorry for choking a little, it is because I am passionate about this position and I am thinking of three or four ways I can demonstrate that all in one go. Give me a moment and I will settle down and answer the question.” An acknowledgement of the issue is usually fine (probably not if you are going for a high stress job like aircraft control) and can help a lot.


The NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Package contains and develops these themes to the point where you might suddenly find yourself going for jobs you had never believed possible. Click through and find out more.




2 Comments on “NLP Techniques and Job Interviews”

  1. Nadia

    I really needs your help. I am trying to get a professional job in Cultural Center. The Center is part of Aramco Company. Reaching people is over there is kind of impossible. I worked for Aramco as a contractor and people inside Aramco feels that they are the best because they are working in the biggest oil company around the world. I can send you my CV to look at. I learn form your book that I can get what I dream of if I use the best practices. I am really confused and feel that you can really help me in this matter,

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Nadia,
      Have you used the CV template that you get as part of the course / book to adapt your CV as well as added the company values into it? Are you also targeting a specific job and have you written up your experience in a way demonstrates key achievements for the skills and qualities for that job? If you have done these things then your CV is ready to go and all you need do is adopt the mindset of a high quality Job Seeker. It is all in the book / on the course.

      Good Luck


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