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I have received a brilliant email from Barry about all the NLP Techniques he used in a recent job interview. At the moment we don’t know if he has got the job, but it looks like an almost dead cert.

Job Interviews Made Easy with NLP

Barry sets out a variety of different techniques that he used to get a great result with the interviewer and I will deconstruct some of them below. But first here is the email in full:

Sent: Thu 10th June 15:52

From: Barry

Hi Rintu

I thought I would let you know how things went.

To put it in context I wasn’t looking for a new job, BUT always looking for new challenges/opportunities so when asked to meet with the European Director at short notice it was a lovely compliment, he was only in UK for a couple of days. He hadn’t even seen my CV, which was done but I just re did the profile on Monday morning after getting up at the crack of dawn and listening to you.

One of the things I really really liked about your stuff was the bit about not liking data entry and numbers, ME TOO, I hate it but love people.

He rang me Fri afternoon, so I bought the book late Fri afternoon express delivery Sat, read quite a lot. Bought the on line course managed to do quite a lot at the weekend.

I managed to really focus on my recent successes, I am in [deleted for anonymity] and my manager sends out lots of great data and complements.

The questions you suggested were just brilliant, I was waiting for him, he walked in, I took control, we went in the lift and I asked the questions, then he talked for a long time about him, the company and what he wanted!!

I fed it back to him, showed him the evidence and did “blaa blaa is not the issue pattern several times. I had practiced it out loud in the car on the motorway!

Then I did the “Can you imagine me working in your team” He looked away and went into the trance!!

Then said really enthusiastically “Would you like to come and work with us the next step is we will fly you over to Switzerland”

I was amazed!!

He has some interview with others in Bristol via an agency on Friday, so fingers crossed and not counting chickens I hope to speak to him next week.

I just love NLP, I have in fact been a fan for 10 years. I was toying with doing the prac course and would some day like to actually be able to coach/help people out of “being stuck”

If I am any way close to being as great as you then I would be very please.

I will keep you posted.

If you want to post any thing from me please feel free, however could you change the name as it is very unusual and I would like to keep anonymous.

Thanks for all your help so far


Practical Hypnotic Language Patterns

One of the easiest ways of really getting to understand hypnotic language and how to use it is by having a direct application. Barry has used several techniques from the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course and some ideas from The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Here are some of the ideas that he has taken deconstructed.

Hypnotically Compelling Answers

In the NLP CV and Interview Skills Course I outline a process where you can create hypnotically compelling answers to almost any interview question based on your experience. Barry has taken lots of material from what his manager has said about him and prepared answers based on this. The impact this has on the interviewer is that his answers are even more compelling because Barry had direct evidence to support it.

The interview answer structure works very simply and is based on acknowledging the question, giving supported evidence of why you are good for the job and ends with benefit statements so the interviewer can imagine how good a job you will do in the role.

The Value of NLP Values

Barry mentioned that he asked questions of the interviewer in the lift and got him talking. There are certain questions when asked that not only open people up but they also give you their deep unconscious values. These are powerful motivators. As you can see from the email the Director gave out lots of his unconscious motivations (I call them trance words) and Barry fed them back to him creating a powerful bond.

Barry also mentioned that he took unconscious control of the situation right up front. I explain non verbal ways of doing this on the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course but verbally asking the right sorts of questions lets you build rapport and lead the situation in exactly the way Barry has done here.

Applied Hypnotic Language Patterns

There are two patterns Barry spells out for you that are worth mentioning. There is one where Barry specifically commands the director to imagine him working in the team. Have a look at the way Barry has stated it in the email above. Notice how he has not put a question mark at the end of what looks like a question. I take from this that Barry stated it as an embedded command. For the NLP Jargon Junkies this is a beautifully applied hypnotic future pace where Barry actually commanded the Director to go into a trance based on imagining Barry working with the team. Is it any wonder the Director went directly into trance and started talking to Barry almost as if he has already got the job?

The second pattern that Barry used is what I will call a redefine. And the issue is not the pattern but how well Barry has used it. Let’s look at it in a little detail. When Barry was asked a question that didn’t fit the answers he had prepared he used the structure, “the issue is not your question but the great answer I have prepared.”

For example if the Director had asked a question about Barry’s time keeping and Barry wanted to talk about his performance the statement might look something like, “The issue is not my time keeping but the fantastic results I get when I am at work, for example in the last three months I have given the company XYZ results and here is an email from my manager stating how impressed he is…”

In this way Barry kept the focus on what he wanted to talk about despite what the interviewer asked. This pattern is developed in great detail in The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Excellent Results

Both The Persuasion Skills Black Book and The NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course are packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. I am very impressed that Barry managed to get through this amount of information in just a weekend, let alone applied it all in an interview on the Monday.

Whilst there is a lot of information to take in Barry has reconfirmed some of my beliefs about hypnotic language patterns. Despite the complexity and confusion certain NLPer’s and Hypnosis Trainers put on these skills they are simple to apply.

Where I think Barry really stands out is that he has this great attitude of picking up the material and just running with it. The best thing here is that it seems like Barry has got the job, and even if this person in Bristol makes an even better impression Barry now has a greater skills set that he can apply in any situation.

The NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course

This course will give you a system that starts with creating a hypnotically compelling CV then takes you through taking covert control of the interview right through to using covert persuasion tactics with your interviewer. Click the link to find out how you can apply Covert NLP Technqiues to CV Writing and Job Interviews.

Note: This programme is not for NLP Jargon Junkies that want bags of theory, information and complications. This programme uses NLP and Hypnosis Techniques covertly to build your confidence and teaches you how to use those techniques for getting the job you deserve. If you want more depth about the construction and general practical uses of Hypnotic and NLP based language patterns consider reading The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

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