The Key to Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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There are all sorts of fancy NLP Techniques you can use to persuade people. But there is one thing that makes the biggest difference. John sent me an email the other day giving us an excellent example of how to succeed with Persuasion Skills.

How to Sell without Selling

Here is John’s email to start with:

From: John
Sent: 28th at 15:25
To: Rintu Basu
Subject: Your opinion, please

Hi Rintu,

Please let me know what you think of the attached cover letter and if need be, correct or enhance. I just wrote it now in one brain-storming session which lasted approximately an hour. It is for a business-to-business sales position. It was another confidence boosting event. At the risk of sounding conceited, I think this is damn good work, and damn good work in a short period of time. I am impressed by me .

I believe it was in your book I heard of Joe Vitale. I read his book and learned that hypnotic writing starts by getting out of your ego/mind and getting into the reader’s ego/mind. I combined that notion with your NLP skills and created this cover letter. An example of this is the P.S. It is chuck full of benefits for the reader, future pacing, and the present-tense “Hiring [me] is…”

Thank you for your time and input.

 All the best,


 The Secret Sauce that Makes Persuasion Skills Work

Before we look at John’s cover letter let me make sure we are together on some key points. John certainly seems confident, excited and knows he has done a good job. This is what happens when you start developing a persuasive attitude. It isn’t conceited, remember he has also written in asking for my views. Typically people confident in their ability are willing to take feedback and are resilient.

On top of this you can see he is talking a lot of technical persuasion stuff like future pacing and benefit statements. But at the same time he said this only took him an hour brain storming to do. Again this is typical when people start developing persuasion skills. The idea is to over learn the tools so they come out naturally when you need them.

But the most important thing John has come across is this business about being in the head of the person he wants to persuade. As soon as you look in to the other person’s head, seen the world through their eyes and are connecting what you want them to do with what is important to them you have already won them over to your way of thinking. I was confident that John’s covering letter was great before I had opened it simply by recognising this three facts.

Show Don’t Tell

Here is the cover letter John sent out:

Subject: BREAKING NEWS: Your search for the right employee is over!

 Dear XXXX,

When was the last time a job candidate expressed interest in your ROI on his/her employment?

When was the last time a job candidate presented to you a resume and perhaps a brag book, but also presented you a written plan on how they were going to target their territory and prospecting from Day 1 of employment?

When was the last time a job candidate

    1. Say he/she knew the secret to profitable B2B selling?
    2. Had a unique way of successfully closing more sales?
    3. Utilized a multi-layer form of prospecting to garner new business?

I would venture to say this hasn’t happened in a long time, if at all. It is, though, occurring right now. The above items are part of the package which separates me from the rest of the resumes you are currently sifting through.

I offer you my expertise and proficiency in business sales to fill the role of ______, advertised on ________. At this point, you might find yourself wanting to know more about the value I am bring to you and [Company Name]. Simply, now, look at the Core Expertise section of my resume.

As your interest in this application increases, wouldn’t it be wise to contact me to schedule an appointment so I can elaborate in detail my valuable offer to you? Call me at  XXXX  now.

I thank you for your consideration and your reply.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. Just imagine in the near future relishing your increased revenue and ROI, and looking back to this moment and saying to yourself, “Hiring John is a great decision.”

There may be a couple of grammar issues to tidy up. The trouble with some patterns is that they are designed for saying to people and just look like bad grammar when written down. My normal response is in a formal document you are better being grammatically correct than using a pattern. In a sales document I tend, with some boundaries, to sway the other way. As a result I am not entirely sure what to do with John’s approach. But certainly to look at the brilliance of his approach we are better keeping the patterns in.

There is just one other persuasion principle that John has built in here that is worth discussing. And that is Show, Don’t Tell. In an interview situation many candidates will tell the interviewer why they are good for the job. A good interview candidate will illustrate that answer with an example. The best answer you can give is a direct demonstration of what makes you the best candidate for the job. If you are applying for a sales job then turning your cover letter into a full blown sales letter I think is a great idea.



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