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I recently sent out review copies of the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques in preparation for the launch next month. One response highlighted the importance of attitude in any persuasive situation. This article is about developing a persuasive attitude.

Using NLP Techniques to Develop a Persuasive Attitude

From: Gary Rush
Sent: 29 August 21:36
To: Rintu
Subject: Job Hunting Comments


Hi Rintu

 I can honestly say this is the best guide to preparing a winning CV and interview I have ever read.

 The book provides a complete system that integrates building the right kind of confident attitude, finding your key skills that match the job, preparing an amazing CV which gets you the interview and prepares the ground for the interview to go in your favor. This system is incredibly thorough and easy to follow – you will be so well prepared when you attend an interview that you will understand what the employer is looking for and be able to demonstrate that you are a perfect fit for the role and the company. There is so much useful material here that I will go through the whole book again and again. This is not an extension of the Persuasion Skills Black Book, it’s a completely separate entity designed specifically for preparing the best possible CV and interview.

 Thank you for the advance copy Rintu – I was genuinely massively impressed with this book, I did assume that The Black Book title meant it would rehash a lot of the Persuasion Skills content and couldn’t have been more wrong. Brilliant stuff!


I wanted to print the whole email and not just the part Gary had written as a testimonial so I replied asking permission to use the whole thing. This was his reply:


From: Gary Rush
Sent: 30 August
To: Rintu
Subject: Re: Job Hunting Comments



 It wasn’t polite blurb – I genuinely followed the process over a couple of days and was amazed – you captured the confident state I’ve experienced when an interview goes well in great detail – not cocky or meek, focusing on the role, the company and most of all the company’s clients who are the most important thing to the business. I recognized some of the things I get right already and the remaining 80% of the system was either new to me or took what I already do several steps further than I’ve ever thought of doing. I will be going through the system every time I apply for a job from now on.




How to Develop a Confident Attitude

In any kind of persuasion context attitude is key. One thing I have noticed about people that are genuinely confident is that they are neither meek nor aggressive, they don’t brag but nor do they deflect deserved praise and they are neither controlled nor controlling.

What I do in the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting is to get people to think of the beliefs a confident person would have in a particular situation. The more specific you can make the situation the better. Once you understand the beliefs you can start thinking about how this would manifest in their behaviour.

Think about it for a minute. When you are genuinely confident, I don’t mean puffed up and trying to look confident but when you genuinely are confident, what are you saying to yourself in your head, how do you stand, walk, talk?


NLP Techniques Inside Out

What goes on inside your head manifests on the outside. Many people don’t realise that the reverse is also true. How you act has an impact on how you think. We can use this to change your thinking, once you know how a confident person acts in a situation, by acting that way enough times you start thinking confidently as well.

Of course there are more sophisticated ways of developing this core concept such as my hypnotic coaching formula or various Perceptual Position Exercises but the paragraph above is the core concept.


A Reminder of an Open Loop

If you can’t wait until next month for the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques then click through and have a look at NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills. Everyone that purchases this course will get an electronic copy of the book when it is published.

If you are interested in how you can quickly develop a persuasive personality for many different situations then the programme you need to click through and have a look at is Advanced Persuasion Patterns. As part of this course you get to look at a variety of different ways of changing beliefs, developing a confident persona and also ways of developing this with others. Click through and find out more.


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