Anchoring Secrets Revealed

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Recently someone emailed me with questions on anchoring. This article shows a short video clip that demonstrates a perfect anchoring situation and the impact it has.

 Behaviourism, BF Skinner and Pavlov’s Dogs

Google any of these names and you will find out lots about NLP Anchoring so I am only going to explain the basic concept. The idea is specific triggers can be used to set up a specific response. Notice how your alarm clock triggers a specific set of responses from you when it goes off in the morning. Do you respond in a particular way when you hear your favourite song played on the radio? Can your partner, spouse or particular loved ones say your name in a particular way that lets you know you are in for trouble or a treat? When they use that voice, does it set up a particular emotional response?

 A Spin on NLP Anchors

If you are new to the concept of Anchoring have a look at the article below. It will show you how I use anchoring in training and lead you to where you can discover how you can use anchors to install or change behaviours and emotional states. Click through here to find out more about anchoring.

 If you have seen all that before have a look at this video and then answer this question, “Who is anchored to who?”

All Anchoring is Self-Anchoring

The dog is responding to the guitarist. But on the same grounds the guitarist has obviously done this a few times before and it has provoked such an emotional response in him that he has gone to the trouble of videoing and posting on the internet. Regardless of however the anchor was set up it provokes an emotional response from both parties (okay we don’t technically know that is true of the dog but I would like to think it is).

The good news is you can use this concept to set anchors with people before you have even met them, Right from the start you know certain anchors are already set with the majority of people; think about smiling, handshakes, head nods. These are all universal anchors that the majority of people automatically respond to.

Knowing these two piece of information gives you the opportunity to very quickly move a person’s state in a particular direction. In the Persuasion Skills Black Book I outline one specific example where we use universal anchors to take covert control and get the subject to build massive amount of rapport with you.

In simple terms you are setting up a follow and response system where eventually, just like the dog and the guitarist no one is quite sure who is following who. At this point if you shift your own emotional state they will follow you to wherever you want to lead them. The specifics of this process and how you can quickly learn to do it is fully explored in a module of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. Click through and find out more.

  If you prefer face to face courses I am now running my first NLP Practitioner Course for three years. On the course you will discover how to create anchoring patterns like this quickly and easily. Click through and find out more here.

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