Developing Rapport Techniques that Work

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In this article I will link you to specific rapport techniques that you can use. But first I’ve had a few responses to my two earlier articles this week.

Rapport Techniques that Work

Here is a typical one:

From: Jon

Sent: 16 February 2011 14:30

To: Rintu

Subject: RE: NLP Rapport and How to get it Wrong

Hi Rintu,
Tell me how to get rapport, so far all you are doing is giving me high level stuff that I can’t use straight away

Most were in a similar vein so there is not much point publishing all of them. I did get this interesting response from Lucky

From: Lucky

Sent: 16 February 2011 14:55

To: Rintu

Subject: RE: NLP Rapport and How to get it Wrong

I agree that rapport is a major problem. However I believe the
issues is not how to use rapport the real issue is to know when you have
achieved it as it is easy to miss it and kill all the good stuff you had
done up until then.



Live, Laugh, Love

Based on these I thought I would send you some links showing you some rapport techniques.

Here are some key factors to consider while building rapport.

This email string completely builds a very powerful rapport process.

These two links are two connected articles that give you a step by step way of creating huge amounts of rapport. This first article shows you the importance of sensory acuity and this second one details a specific rapport technique.
Outside of all these techniques there is one way of building rapport that usually works really well for me. Just assume you have rapport already. This sound so simple that it is often disregarded as a technique, but it can be extremely powerful. For a day just try it with a few total strangers and notice the difference in rapport when you meet people.

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