Make Someone Go Blank using NLP Anchoring Techniques

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This article is a step by step description of how I set up a sliding anchor to create a blank state to make a person completely forget what they are talking about. You can use this approach for lots of things. Typically I have made people laugh long, loud and totally inappropriately by installing a giggle button, or controlled the energy in a training room with similar tactics as you will see here. 

 NLP Techniques 101 Open a Loop or Two

When you sign on to one of my advanced courses you get access to a private group where you can discuss your persuasion skills with other students as well as myself. A few days ago I was discussing with one of my students about some of the things I used to do in the corporate word. For example I just could not turn up to meeting on time and I developed a specific language pattern that let me get away with that all the time. I told the leadership team what I was doing and it spread round the company. It reached a point where people would be disappointed if I turned up on time and didn’t use my pattern.

But I was reminded of a particular sliding anchor I had set up. I had misread one of my big books of NLPness and thought I had to do stuff for personal devilment so in that spirit I decided to see if I could get my financial director to completely forget her figures when presenting them to the leadership team.

It’s okay if you are unsure about anchors and how to apply them. Here is more information about NLP Anchors that will help you make sense of the rest of this article.

Before I go on you might just think it is fun making people go blank and forgetting what they are talking about. It is. And there are other things you could do with these types of patterns. As I said above I’ve used a similar sequence to get my friends laughing at inappropriate moments and classes to go quiet. If you are looking for even more applications how about a slide for making people more physically attracted to you, melting objections away or making your children fall asleep? And I am sure you can think of a few more ideas than this.

How to use NLP Anchors

First thing you need is an appropriate sliding anchor. In this case the gesture I used to anchor the subject was to slap my forehead with my hand. The slide to intensify the state was about sliding my hand back across my hair to the back of my head. This is a typical gesture and is entirely consistent with forgetting something. You slap your forehead at the point you are forgetting and then slide your hand further back along your head as you get more frustrated at forgetting whatever it is that you are forgetting.

So now that I have the gesture sorted out now all I need is a pattern, some words to evoke the state and make it work. So the pattern went something like,

“I just came in to discuss…(really big pause, looking confused then slapping forehead and sliding my hand towards the back of my head as appropriate along with the words) It’s gone, it’s right on the tip of my tongue but you can’t just get it. Do you Do That where you have it just there, just in the front of your mind and the more you Try To Find It the more it just slips further way. Almost like because you Get Desperate and that is the thing that makes you Drive it Further Away.

 Sorry it has gone. I’m sure it will come back later.”

I then flapped my gums with her making idle conversation for a few minutes. I then went to reinforcing the pattern. So I said something like,

“It was probably about numbers, I am not great with figures because they are small fiddly things that You Find Easy To Forget. I’m sure you know what it is like to just Do That Forgetting Thing with a few numbers.

Ohh, I remember what it was I wanted to talk about (I stand up, pause, look confused, slap my forehead slide my hand back and repeat the whole pattern original pattern.)

I then made my excuses and left. As best I can I have marked the embedded commands in bold. Also note the shift from “I” to “you” is entirely intentional. This is discussed specifically in the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

I can use my language by starting to talk about my experience but then change my language until you are giving specific instructions to your audience in a very covert manner, then switching back to talking about yourself. When I use this technique well it is almost like laying in post hypnotic suggestions. I get caught out regularly when I write this sort of thing down because it doesn’t quite read right. But trust me, when you do this verbally it is rare for anyone to notice because you do it all the time as a natural way of speaking. I also find it a great way to embed commands.

If you want to use these devices my suggestion is to think through some of the language, consider the phrases you would need for embedded commands and sort it out as a series of bullet points in the same as you prepare a speech, presentation or training course. This means you can still have the flexibility to ad lib and make it into an interactive conversation. You might also want to review the material about conversation management and redirecting the flow of a conversation.

Arriving on Time

The next day, for the first time in my life I turned up to the meeting early. The first thing I did was find the finance director and said something like,

“I remember what it was I wanted to talk to you about. It was some figures which we can discuss after the meeting. It is funny how you can Forget Numbers just like that.

It’s not that you don’t know them (yes you have guessed correctly we are doing the anchoring gesture with this language), it’s just that you have them on the tip of your tongue and the more you try to remember them you find yourself getting desperate because you are driving them to the back of your mind and you just Forget Them.

Still we are luck it is not something that you Do. It would be a disaster, could you Imagine You Forgetting the Numbers. Anyway we will talk later about that stuff.”

The meeting started, when it got to her presentation she got as far as the first set of figures and I fired the anchor. She stood in front of us looking confused, she tried remembering the figures but I slid my hand towards the back of my head and she was going more blank.

Using NLP for Fish Impersonations

After opening and closing her mouth like a guppy for a few moments you could see the desperation starting in her eyes. The managing director pointed out some of the figures he could see from the PowerPoint screen and asked her a question. She started reading the figures from the screen behind her.. At this point I could see here visibly relaxing and remembering her presentation because the anchor was not in her field of view.

She started to regain her confidence. She turned to face her audience and continued to speak as I fired the anchor again. She suddenly stoped again and this time she looked out at the rest of the room desperately trying to remember what she was going to say. I started feeling sorry for her and I put my hand down and she quickly got back to form. I fired off the anchor a couple more times before the managing director asked her if she was feeling ill and she made some excuses about having a late night. I decided I have satisfied my need for personal devilment for the day and stopped firing the anchor.

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstucted

If you are on one of the advanced courses my task for you is to adapt this approach for a situation, context or result that you would like to get. Then write up some ideas in the group forum. That way we can all learn, chip in with suggestions and develop some really cool patterns to play with.

If you would like to start developing your persuasion skills,  be able to get people to forget things or create even more impressive hypnotic persuasion results then you might want to look at Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed. This course will take you from complete beginner to a Master Hypnotic Persuader in the shortest time possible.

On this course you will learn how to use anchors to develop an irresistible hypnotic personality. You will see how easy it is to blend your voice, the words you use and your body language to create some stunning trance effects on individuals or groups. Most people don’t get to this level of skill and it is usually because they don’t develop the inner game they need.  To successfully develop these skills the  Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed course is structured on multiple levels from your inner game to tools and techniques. It takes you effortlessly from complete novice to mastery quickly, easily and with a whole lot of Personal Devilment.

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    1. Rintu Basu

      I agree and the trouble with demos for me is setting them up where you have the subject’s approval to be filmed without them altering their normal responses.

      On the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed you do get to see me using a whole load of covert anchors on the audience and my accompanying notes deconstruct what I am doing.

      You will find on both the Facebook video wall and the You Tube channel I have a lot of clips demonstrating everything from trance effects to hypnotic language and anchoring readily available.



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