Simple Trance Elicitations to Get Discounts

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I received a series of emails over the weekend that show a really simple trance elicitation that resulted in a discount. Here is the whole thing broken down so you can understand the process and apply it for yourself.

I’ve been running a series of articles on frames of reference and either using them, subverting them or interrupting the pattern. On Sunday I received an email from Chris about how his wife Melissa has used this approach to get a discount for entry to the zoo. Here is the first email I received.

From: Chris
Date: Sunday
To: Rintu
Subject: Re: Learning about Hypnotic Patterns


My wife took my little girl to a private zoo yesterday, a small operation located in ….(Canada)

When she went to pay her entrance fee, the ticket girl said “that’s $21”. Melissa responded by saying “i read it was $17”, to which the ticket girl responded “that’s for weekdays”. Mel nodded saying “weekdays eh” in a very Canadian way and handed her a $20. The ticket girl gave her $3 in change and her entrance ticket.


When I asked Chris for permission to post this story he agreed and added:

Not only that, but after two hours it poured rain for an hour. Mel and girlfriend and kids holed up in the cafeteria snacking the time away. The zoo has a policy that if it rains they issue a free pass for next time. Of course, she got her free pass at the weekend rate of $21. In the end, she got a two for one deal at the weekend rate because she had the courage to try influencing the ticket gal with the word “weekday” and offering her a $20 bill in payment. She’s a keeper my Mel is.


 The Process Behind the Process

All Melissa did was get the ticket girl to think about the weekday process. The process is the same except the money is different. The ticket girl probably does this hundreds of times a day so once you have her thinking of the weekday process handing over $20 is just keeping her in that click whirr response. As an approach this is not always going to work but it is always worth a go. Even if it only works two out of five times you will be a few dollars up.

All the Fun of Learning Great Skills

There will be some readers that will be looking at this and be thinking why bother. It is only a few dollars. The reality is it is not about the money it is about developing your skills, watching human interactions and the immense sense of excitement you get when these things work. My general philosophy is that I want to work hard at playing with this material when I don’t need it…so when it is really important the skills kick in and work without me having to focus on them.



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