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How great would it be if just by hearing your name people went into trance and deferred to your authority? There are ways of making this happen and we will explore just one of them in this article.

Persuasion-Skills-Black-BookA few years ago exactly a week after The Persuasion Skills Black book has launched I received a telephone call. What amazed me about the call was the reaction of the woman when I spoke with her.

As is usual when you call my office you get through to my receptionist and unless I have something on you will get through to me. That has been the situation for the years before I wrote the book and still is now the book is an international best seller.

After I introduced myself there was a huge pregnant pause and then a flustered reply that she was not expecting to get through to me. That confused me because there is really only me in my business. But here is the thing she had a whole lot of presuppositions about authors and that gave me lots of authority in her eyes.

Since that time I have been amazed at how differently people treat me. I’ve been asked for autographs, asked to speak at place that would not have let me in the door a week before the book had been published. But most importantly I have picked up work that I would never have been considered for except because I am the author of a best selling book in my field.

If you have read the book Influence by Robert Cialdini then you already know the importance of authority. And if you haven’t go and read it now. It is a must read book for any student of persuasion.

Preframes the Ultimate NLP Tool

Over the years I have refined and practised preframes from a variety of different contexts. I’ve developed them in to covert trance inductions and learned many tips and tricks to be able to install them. I have frames for installing empowering beliefs, creating authority getting your clients to be more responsive to your suggestions whether that is selling your services or for fast change work.

If you would like to see my favourite ones demonstrated and deconstructed in front of a live audience I have just released Trancey Coaching Conversations. This programme contains all of my favourite inductions and preframes as well as demonstrations of how I deliver them. Click through and find out more here:


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