Learn the Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques of an Evil Hypnotist

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The techniques you will see demonstrated in the video accompanying this article are incredibly powerful. This article deconstructs a speech from a complete hypnotic master. It is just a shame he was one of the most monstrous men in history. I would suggest that if you are of a sensitive disposition, are easily offended or rather stay on the more positive side of life then this article may not be for you. But if you want to see the raw power of covert hypnotic persuasion in action and have it deconstructed for you to understand then read on.

Learning from the Source

Faces everywhere. Führer.

Quite a few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a high level course from someone that is very respected in the NLP community, who has a lot of skills and is a good trainer. The trouble is I dislike the person intensely (I did then and I still do). From my perspective I think he has questionable values and morals, whilst I recognise that this is my issue my favoured response is just to stay away from him.

The problem I faced was that I recognised the course content as very valuable and unique to this individual. In the end I decided that my dislike of him was enough for me to not do the course. A wiser and smart friend of mine found out that I wasn’t intending to do the course and he supportively started throwing reframes at me. Here are the big three reframes that he hit me with:

  1. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something to teach you.
  2. If you are any good at the stuff you preach should you not leave your emotions behind long enough to take the lessons / good from what he has to say even if he can’t do it himself?
  3. How good would you feel taking the teachings of a guy you find questionable and subverting them to a better cause?

After being put through the gauntlet by my friend I went on the course, got a huge amount from it and made a promise to myself to look for and take the learning from whoever is there to teach me.

Powerful Orators are Powerful Hypnotists

There are a number of powerful speakers who have some of their most influential speeches recorded and any student of persuasion should look them out. They include JFK, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Ghandi amongst others.

The video you are just about to see is a speech from Adolph Hitler another powerful orator. Remember just because he was an evil man it doesn’t mean that there are things we can learn from him. Hitler knew how to connect with his audience and move them.

A couple of days ago Edward, a good friend of mine on Facebook spotted one of Hitler’s speeches with subtitles and started watching it. He noticed a couple of things and posted it on my wall. I thought I should do an article deconstructing some of the patterns but before I could Edward had done it all for me. Below the video is an edited version of the masterful deconstruction Edward posted on my Facebook Page.

Accelerated Learning Skills for Persuasive Language

To get the most from this you probably want to go through the video several times and on several different levels. It is just a little over ten minutes long so you might want to portion out some time when you can give it some attention. Here is a suggested process to get the most from this exercise.

  • Watch the video all the way through once, focus on the content / words and just notice what you notice.
  • The second time watch the video again but from a persuasion skills perspective. Whenever you spot a pattern, some body language, or pace change take notes. Stop and rewind the video if you think you missed something, take notes.
  • Compare your notes with Edward’s below. He spotted a huge amount of stuff, but there is still more stuff going on.
  • Watch the video a third time noticing all the pace and pitch, body language and patterns that you and Edward have picked up. But this time also notice the impact it has on the audience.
  • The final and most important stage; spend a few minutes looking at all the material you have found and work out situations where you can use it. You don’t have to be a presenter or speech maker for these patterns to work for you so widen the context to every area of your life.

You have probably an hour or so of work here, but take your time. The video is just over ten minutes so you could take ten minutes a day and before the end of the week you will have learnt some very powerful patterns from a man that used those same patterns to bind a nation and take them to war against the world. I trust you can find some more ethical uses for these patterns but they are that powerful.

Before watching the video please also note that the views expressed in the video and the guy that posted it are entirely their own and neither are supported by Edward or myself. Our interests purely lay with the NLP Persuasion Techniques being used.

Edwards FB Deconstruction

Did you notice how he starts quite slow with lots of big pauses and almost no energy and within a few minutes is completely powerful, totally dominating with loads of energy and power in his delivery. This is a classic charisma pattern. You will find several different variations of this in the Advanced Persuasion Patterns down load course.

I have edited Edward’s comments slightly so they make more sense in this context. But essentially this is what Edward has to say.

Holy cow. Skip to right before 2 min and see what he anchors to the Nazi hand sign. “the one and only power in Germany.

Also check out how he points to himself just as the audience stop clapping and just before he starts the next sentence. Non verbally he is saying “All that applauding the one and only power in Germany….That’s me” -RB

I definitely understand why he was said to be one of the most persuasive speakers of all time. Just the masterful body language alone. Look at the shift from the first minute or so and the build up to stir people’s emotions. WOW.

Check out the body language up to 40 secs. “I am in control here and you know it.” He even slowed down his blinking rate. I have no idea how good the translation of his words is – but even so he is doing so much

Listen to the voice role at 40 to 60 beats… sounds just like a Baptist preacher.

I liked the “fixed pole” metaphor… linking it to his group after the whole “us vs. them” theme he was using. That makes the crowd come to its feet. Lots of weasel phrases and embedded command too. Presuppositional language… the list just goes on and on. Was he just a natural communication genius or….?

I of course am horrified at what the man did and yet I can see how he “mind controlled” the German nation with his speeches. Dark side of the Force and all of that. This is so skilful it is scary.

“We can be happy to know that this future belongs entirely to to us!” OMG. He gives them a command to be happy – links it to being part of his group… and makes them feel special because they are part of that group and that this happy feeling is just for them and only them. OMG. (6:55) With some presupposition and time distortion to boot.

Look at the anchoring around 8:25 to when he talks about shoulders. These two institutions (he has his two arms pointing at himself and together) – then when he says they will carry on “their” shoulders (German men) and he points at HIS shoulders and is almost in a bicep pose (strength). Notice how he also says “will champion” and then takes each hand (symbolic of the two institutions) brings them together (HE is bringing them together) on points them both to himself. So in about 10 seconds he has influenced the audience to believe:

1) He is the one to bring the two institutions together.

2) He is strong/a German man who will “shoulder” the burden….

and he links it all to the German State and German Reich – and then he points right at HIS feet! So the German State/Reich are “at his feet!”

Edward is great and he has studied a whole lot of Hypnotic Persuasion Skills and I suspect he noticed a whole lot more that he hasn’t written down. So as a suggestion why not add the pattern, body language or thing that you noticed to the comments below. That way we can build a bigger library of patterns for all of us.

If you want a crash course on how to construct and deliver a presentation this powerfully all the information is in Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed. Click through here and find out more:




14 Comments on “Learn the Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques of an Evil Hypnotist”

  1. Brent

    Hi Rintu

    I think this could be a great add on study comparing Hitlers and Obama presentation.

    You will notice the same type of techniques used with Obama but in 2008 modern tone down context.

    Same right arm movement etc pacing etc agreement frames etc



    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Brent,

      Yes, you are right. Obama is a great orator. Anyone at that level is being trained as well. So there is a lot you can learn about professional speaking from Obama. If you would like to give it a shot deconstructing his speech I would be happy to publish your findings here along with anything I spot as well.



  2. Jamie

    Did anybody else notice the arms spread out ( Jesus on the cross reference ???) gesture which is used on 2 or 3 occasions?

  3. Erika

    Hello Rintu,
    Very interesting topic dissection indeed! Thank you all for sharing it has made some educational reading.

    Noticed the following:
    1.Crossing of arms: usually (I guess) a no no in body language yet it works for him, can someone explain how?
    2. No facial niceities from Hitler but a smug smile from Hess. Hitler looks like he is in pain, only brief relaxation of the face after “future belongs to us”.
    3.Looked like a conductor of music to me: punctuating the air at precise moments, crescendoes come to mind.
    4. “Constantly changing vision” was emphasised by hands parallel moving like a wave from right to left- like a timeline
    5.Rear view of Hitler looks rooted like a tree, feet together, solid
    6. Interesting approach to podium by Hess in the beginning-submissive of sorts
    7. Hitler’s breathlessness at one particular point-any significance?
    8. Romanesque: roman salute, roman salutations, symbols on romanesque “standards”
    9. Going too far maybe: but what’s up with the static in Hitler’s hair?

    Wow there is so much going on! So how do you increase your perception so you can accumulate more information at first viewing? In real life we don’t get to rewind or do we?

    Excellent hypnotic marketing by the way!


    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Erika,
      Great observations and I am hoping some people will respond to some of your points. I have a couple of ideas but you ask some really good questions. Here are a couple of observations on some of your points:
      1) I think this makes him look solid and unmovable rather than defensive and that might be why he does it. I think the transitions between stances is more important. So for example going from an open gesture to a closed one and back again depending on your speech is what has the impact.
      2) You will have to dig for it but I remember writing an article on using a stern facial expression and relaxing it as yo start speaking as a rapport builder.
      3) Brilliant metaphor and one that I think sums up a lot about the use of spacial anchors.
      4) Spot on.
      5) Yes as per point (1)
      6) Have a look at the comment from Daniel about the package and preframes. This is something Hess does very well to give Hitler a powerful platform.
      7) Not sure about this, need to look through again and come back to you.
      8 ) Definitely building on this. Again preframes.
      9) Probably is a little far but who knows with the amount that is coming out from this video.

      I would not expect to get all of this in one interaction. But this goes back to over-learning, the more we can educate ourselves about what is really going on hte more we can get to spot it and to do it naturally and intuitively. My guess is Hitler didn’t know half of what he was doing as a presenter, it was happening intuitively and through positive reinforcement kept what was working. In some ways we are doing the same thing by analysing this footage.

      Thanks for saying.



  4. Bill

    Just imagine how much better the world would be if he had used his genius to better the world instead of almost destroying it. To me this video is an example of the power of world class body language.

    1. Notice when crowd erupts how often he puts his hands on his hips and sticks his elbows out. Making yourself wider is a classic power stance. His is anchoring the crowds reaction to his power.

    2. For about the first minute and a half while discussing how hard things have been his body language, pace and tone are all subdued. He is projecting being an martyr. Then he suddenly becomes animated and forceful when talking about how only 7 members were able to rise above the hardships. Clearly glorifying himself and the other 6 as well as implying what can be accomplished now that the whole country is behind him.

    3. He uses single quick nod when the crowd is applauding. He is acknowledging that they are doing the right thing.

    4. Notice when he is speaking about being a rigid pole he bounces up on his tiptoes for a split second. He is doing this to distance himself from the wishy washy vision the people had before he came to power.

    5. He points to himself often when talking about things like “best blood” and never relinquishing power.

    6. Note how he straightens up and leans slightly forward for a brief second while talking about “upstanding Germans” and again a few seconds later when he says “only the best”.

    7. When he says those that no longer belong to us must be removed, he has his hand pointing at his heart then very abruptly moves his hand away as though pushing them out.

    8. He talks about the heroic army being the old proud standard bearers of the people. Then he points and slowly moves his arm across the crowd when he says something about tradition minded people who will champion the political leadership.

    9. The very end of Hitler’s speech he talks about people leaving but they are already reliving what they experienced. Soon others will be engrossed, and inspired for the movement and the movement is a symbol for eternity.

    10. Hess at the very end plays his role brilliantly. He stands looking like an authority yet says nothing as he allows the crowd to adore Hitler who by this time is Germany and the future. He defers to Hitler and salutes him as if to imply perfection has been achieved and there is nothing more than could ever be added. Then connects Hitler to the party, Hitler to Germany and Germany to Hitler. Hitler has the look of a modest schoolboy while taking in the adoration as if to say he is simply fulfilling his destiny and the destiny of the people.

    11, I cannot help but notice how on several occasions he puts his hands up, palms in looking to the ceiling as if looking to God (or God is looking at him). I believe many religious leaders especially those on TV make similar gestures.

    One of the things that has always amazed me is how the ideals of Nazism were so different than the people behind it. For instance the Aryan ideal of large families of tall, blonde, healthy young people has very little in common with the Nazi elite. Almost all were dark haired, Goebels was puny, Goering was a fat slob, Hitler never had children (thankfully) and his sex life if there was one was certainly sordid. Perhaps these contradictions were accepted by the people because it represented what could be rather than what was.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Bill,
      Wow thanks for putting that together for us. I’ve just sat through the speech for about the twentieth time in the last four days and I had not spotted most of what you are talking about. Brilliant observations and thanks for taking the time to share them.

      I had thought about the Nazi ideal and the look of the party elite before and have never come up with a proper answer for me. When you look at them I can’t help feeling they were overcompensating.



  5. Hypnotisören Daniel Boije

    When you correct the translation from what R. Hess actually says in the beginning you get a totally new understanding from the situation, as he says, The speech from the Leader and not The Leader speaks.
    Just by doing this he puts A. Hitler in a dissociated position from the crowd as an untouchable and higher standing entity of power. R. Hess also do a nice wrap up at the end by saying that (presupposition) Hitler is the party. But Hitler is also Germany, as Germany is Hitler, (cause and effect/complex equivalent/universal quantifiers/comparative deletions) R. Hess then turns and salutes to A. Hitler: Hitler, Hail victory, Hail victory. (future paces a presupposition of victory for the 3:rd Reich and it´s leader) to stack to the ongoing frenzy and to build even more momentum to the anticipation from the crowd.

    So it´s not only about the content in A. Hitlers speech, but rather how it has been packaged to make a strong delivery and to pace and lead peoples hearts and minds in to a state of unity and to move them in the right direction of the party, would n´t you say?

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Daniel,
      Brilliant observation and I completely agree. Until now I have always suggested one advantage I have found watching these speeches is that I don’t know German so can only focus on the body language and non verbals. What I have found out it there is a huge amount more going on and accurate translation is important.

      I also completely agree with what you say about preframes. Often what is said before and even after the speech makes a huge difference to the impact. Here is another article about the power of preframes and how to set them up:


      Thanks for your observations, the points you made are very powerful and we could have missed them without your help.



  6. Marty

    One that stands out for me. Linking the words “I believe” (taps into spiritual beliefs) to “I fight” and stating that it is “an affirmation”. He also places his hands upon his chest indicating that the statement is heartfelt and “genuine”. Clever editing also links the spiritual and respected by filming the bishop before the statement. I see this as building to to transfer their spiritual belief in Adolf Hitler. Very sneaky and clever. I know there are more, but this stood out for me.

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