Scary NLP Manipulation Techniques used by the Media

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In this article you will see a video analysis of a TV interview where the interviewer is using a lot of nasty NLP manipulation to discredit the interviewee. It will give you a great insight into how this material is used negatively.

The Difficulty with Analysing NLP Techniques

I hesitated in showing you this video because I think there are some problems with it. On balance I decided there is a lot more good to come from showing this than the problems that are inherent in it. So before you watch the video here are a few things to take into consideration.

The Content

Whatever your views on the subject being discussed put that aside for the purpose of analysing this interview. The interviewer clearly has an agenda to (not so) covertly discredit the interviewee. The interviewee clearly believes in his ideas and that he is doing the right thing. We are watching this to see the impact of certain types of behaviour in an adversarial situation not to get involved in the debate.

The Narrator’s Beliefs

I once did a personality profiling project in an organisation. I came to the conclusion that everyone in the organisation somehow had the same profile. It was only when I compared their profiles to mine that I realised what I had done. I had such a fixed view of the world that whatever the interviewee said I interpreted it my way. As a result I elicited my own profile thirty times.

In this video the narrator is not shy about where his loyalties are and this does colour his interpretation of events. He also has some vey way out views that he introduces into his analysis again this colours his views about what is happening in the interview.

Despite this, in places the narrator is spot on with his interpretation of what is happening on screen. There are three videos in total but I am only displaying the one that I think has the best bits of behaviour and analysis on. If you are interested in the others then you can find them on You Tube.

Watching on Multiple Levels

You might want to watch this clip several times and on several different levels, so here are a few questions to help you do that:

  • How accurate is the narrator’s analysis?
  • How do the narrator’s beliefs tailor his judgement?
  • How would I use these techniques in the adversarial situations that happen in my life?
  • How would I defend against these sorts of tactics if used against me?


I would like to think that we can reframe everything to a win / win situation. Sadly sometimes, like in this interview both sides are so diametrically opposed that an adversarial or even a confrontational situation occurs. Whilst I don’t wish for this to happen, if it does I want to be on the winning side. To me that means knowing, understanding and applying these advanced persuasion techniques. If you want a crash course in how to use or defend yourself against these techniques then have a look at the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme when you click through right here.




11 Comments on “Scary NLP Manipulation Techniques used by the Media”

  1. Jason

    In some ways this reminds me of the Bush/Gore presidential debate in 2000. Gore won every argument with logic and reason. Bush won the debate and, eventually the election (the occasional ‘hanging chad’ notwithstanding) because he controlled the frameworks.

    Inasmuch as I feel sorry for the professor for walking into this ambush, really, what did he expect? He came to this party woefully unprepared. He should have started pulling out his ‘imaginary kittens’ within the first few seconds 😉


    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Jason,
      Within the limits of what the professor knows about managing a conversation I think he did a reasonable job and I completely agree with you a couple of good pattern interrupts and a redefine or two could have taken that interview on a completely different direction.



    1. Rintu Basu

      LoL, I’m not sure what Ross Jeffries would have to say about being called a Master NLP practitioner. IMHO I don’t think it sounds like Ross at all.


  2. Rintu Basu

    When researching job interview skills I went to hundreds of interview as observer, interviewer and as interviewee. I have been offered a job even after admitting to lying on the CV to get the interview and then not having any of the desired skills. This does have lots to do with attitude unfortunately it is not really the attitude that you have here. It is fully discussed in my NLP Job Hunting course that you can find here:

    The problem with developing the attitude that you have here is that it is casting judgements on others that are not deserving. For example you have proposed another way that the interview could have gone that may or may not have worked and completely disregarded how the interview actually did go. I don’t think the interviewee was submissive and I have serious doubts that the interviewer would have allowed the suggest approach to occur.



  3. Anonymous

    This is a good example of how not to interview. The guy was immediately on the defense when the interviewer’s agenda became clear. He also tried to lead the guy into a corner.

  4. Seamanabm

    Remember when NEWS hour (40 to 50 yrs. ago) was just reports of world events and politics would take about 2 minutes.  Well, that has changed.  I have started watching BBC.

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