The Hidden Hypnotic Language Patterns of Tony Blair

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Recently JKC sent me a deconstruction of a speech given by Tony Blair. From it we came out with a powerful hypnotic language pattern. This article gives you several more examples of how to use that pattern.

How Tony’s NLP Pattern Works

Recently I deconstructed a pattern used in a speech by Tony Blair. I love Tony’s pattern because the sequence of representations it sets up. The pattern takes any opposition to your views and instead of bypassing the objections it reframes them. Then by using a negative tag question it forces you to agree with the statement.

Here is the original article about NLP Techniques and Politicians where you can see Tony use this pattern.

Here is the article with the deconstruction of Tony’s Hypnotic Language Pattern 

 The Key to learning Hypnotic Persuasive Language

An easy way of getting really good with hypnotic language is to just play with it. As soon as I have found a pattern the first thing I do is find as many different places and contexts I can use it in. I am very luck in that I have the NLP Company website, The Persuasion Skills Black Book facebook page and the Persuasion Tips twitter account where I can just write out patterns.

In fact I encourage you to post comments on the site, on the facebook page and on twitter just to practice your patterns. The game is to continue a conversation with each other but using patterns. Anyone that does this will be richly rewarded with an almost instantaneous boost to their understanding and application of hypnotic language patterns. Another great place to practice is forums. I highly recommend setting up a few profiles on NLP Forums and just through some patterns into conversions and notice how little they are picked up even by the people that have a lot of NLPness in them.

A Worked Example

You will have already noticed that JKC, a graduate from my Advanced Persuasion Patterns course sent me the video and the original deconstruction. You can see from his email in the original NLP article how much he has taken from doing it but have a look at the fun he is having in his latest email. Also note he his learning, adapting and playing with this pattern to make it his own.

To: Rintu Basu
Subject: Thank you
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 11:14:09

 Dear Rintu

Thank you for featuring my analysis of Blair’s speech. I enjoyed reading the FB comment too because I noticed some of what was mentioned and learned from the rest.

Thank you also for the pattern deconstruction.

Some people think that RB is caustic but those interested NLP language are advised to listen to his audio’s because he uses language exquisitely and it is because of his skill with language that we can put aside value judgements about his personality and use his excellence as a learning tool. I accept fully that those who find RB’s language abrasive also appreciate his artistry with language. Who could not?

I didn’t suggest people should listen to RB for his personality, those learning NLP are advised to do so for analysis and it is for this reason we should do so regardless of our personal feelings. I fully accept that those opposed to RB’s personality share my love of language. Who could not?

I appreciate that some people find politics boring but I am not suggesting people listen for the boring bits, we should listen to politicians for their language patterns and that is the reason why we can pay attention when politicians speak, without party loyalty colouring our judgement of the content. I fully accept that people opposed to Blair share my detestation of politicians as a class. Who could not when their agendas are so opaque?

These don’t exactly fit the frame of the pattern but as I am playing round and having fun it doesn’t matter, having fun is important, be it round the green taking chips or taking chips round the green it’s not winning the game that’s important more than winning the games is and that means constantly improving skill wins over all and wins constantly improve with skill. There’s nothing more right than being right now right about learning and playing well because playing well is fun and learning is easy with the resources you provide.

Isn’t it amazing how language has many uses? It amazes me always how I am learning many things and how many things there are to learn and people there are to learn from and learning is iterative as long as you learn everyday and everyday you learn more as I intend to from you.

Really Rintu, you are a great inspiration to those who love language and when you find new markets for your books and books to market you will help more people be pervasively persuasive and contextually congruent in their perfecting perfectly the many ways in which to influence in harmony with aligned objectives and receive no objections as objections diminish in correlation with reading the Black Book.

I had so much fun writing that. Dr Suess has nothing on me!

Thanks again.



P.S. My friend lost his job the other day. I immediately sent him your job hunting book because it contains many useful things, not all of them obvious to those who are not aware of the many helpful ways language can be used. Thanks Rintu.

Altering Perceptions

We had a lot of nice ambiguity over who he meant by RB. JKC has told me who he meant and it is definitely is not me. He only connected to my initials after he had sent the email. Interestingly when I read the email I automatically thought he did mean me to the point that when JKC told me it took me several minutes to realise that the email could be read in a completely different way.

Whilst this happened by accident this sort of ambiguity is a great way of developing trance states with people. A structure that I often use is pacing my subject’s reality deliberately using double meanings that I know they will read one way so at the relevant point I can give them a different meaning. When I do that well it drops people into very deep trances as they reassess everything I have said to them in that conversation.

Obviously this is a quite scripted, well thought out beforehand approach. One place I use this approach is my preamble before any hypnotic coaching working. Let me know if you would like the scripts as I could write an article on this if there is enough interest.

4 Comments on “The Hidden Hypnotic Language Patterns of Tony Blair”

  1. Skaelm Kaeys Da

    This is interesting to read, taking into view Tony Blair’s speech prior to the commencement of the war on Iraq. What I do use unaware of it at the time is ambiguity in many of my statements be it conversationally or when I’m trying to put across a viewpoint. Then I ask myself why people listen to the words I say and don’t really forget them even after long instances in time. Could it be that they were covertly hypnotized and I knew nothing about it, or am I going too far, but once again I insist that this has been an eye opener.      

    1. Rintu Basu

      Much of what works has been modelled from naturally occurring patterns so you might be doing this naturally.

      Another idea might be that it happens to you most often when you are speaking in English. You are not a native English speaker and I suspect you have some curious and unusual phrasing when you speak just based on how you have written your comment. People will naturally go into trance as they try to understand you, figure out what you are saying or are just enjoying your unusual phraseology.

      It worked excellently on me as I was reading your comment. Well done.



  2. Adis_siska

    Would definitlly be nice to see spme examples of your phrasing of words before you do some coaching, and the issue really isnt if we would love to have them because you know we would, the really amazing thing is how amazing you can now feel knowing that you help expand the knowledge of your readers so that they may help themselves and be of greater service to their fellow man:) had to try it out thnx in advance

    1. Rintu Basu

      Well done for playing. The whole thing is better served as a video, so let me see if I can organise it that way.

      BTW the Thanks in advance is a really cool assumptive close and like all assumptive closes works best when you already know you have at least a fair amount of agreement (as I suspect you know that we do).

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