Confidence and Why You Don’t Need It

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This article is just a short video that looks at confidence. It covers some basic ideas around confidence and why you don’t need to have confidence to get things done.

You will have noticed I have not put any articles out this week. This is because I have been tucked away recording a couple of courses. The first is one about confidence that has some interesting spins on what confidence is.


Being the Super Hero

A lot seems to be said about screwing yourself up into a froth of energy, excitement and confidence as a method of blasting through the things you are not confident about. I’m not convinced that this sort of thing is useful, practical or sustainable in the long run.

Take this the right way, having energy, excitement, motivation and all these sorts of things can be useful. I just don’t think confidence exists as a feeling or that you need it.

Confidence Boosting

In my latest course I explain how you can boost your confidence by dropping the concept altogether and just focusing on what really matters. Here is the intro that explains the core of the idea to set you up to do away with confidence and get things done anyway.

The Confidence Booster

I have a short course taking this frame on confidence and looking at how you can get things done without needing the confidence to do them. Over the four videos we discuss what confidence is and isn’t and various techniques to be able to manage the negative emotions. The course is over an hour long split across four videos that you can stream the content on any pc, laptop, phone or tablet. And you get the audio track separated out so you can play it on any mp3 player.

You can click through and get more details here:



But I highly recommend that you don’t buy it yet. I am currently negotiating a deal with Create-eLearning, the people that are now hosting my courses. On Thursday I will have a coupon code for you to be able to get the Confidence Booster and / or The Spelling Strategy for more than a 25% discount.

In the mean time you can click through and read a couple of reviews right here.

Remember don’t but either the Confidence Booster or the Spelling Strategy yet. Just look out for the special offer on Thursday.

6 Comments on “Confidence and Why You Don’t Need It”

  1. Sakeena H

    So now instead of focusing on acquiring confidence , you are focusing on removing the fear.Having confidence is about having no fear.In my opinion , this is the same thing- you have just reframe the issues.

    So now the question is how do you go about removing the fear.And that “HOW” would determine whether you still need to cling to “having confidence”

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Sakeena,

      Yes you have grasped the subtle point without realising the underlying structure. Yes they are two sides of the same coin and the issue isn’t which one you go for but what you attach it to. For example let us say you have a project that is a big stretch and there are opportunities to fail. A reframe on my reframe would be letting go of the confidence of being able to do this but being confident that whatever happens the result is useful / good / worth having etc.

      As too how you do this…well I have some ideas as part of the course.



  2. Turab

    dear Rintu
    Good thoughts and concept.
    But the Cash has to exists is a reality
    Currently reading your persuasion skill book and have to really get results — the efforts are on
    Good luck to you

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Turab,
      I am with you on this. If you don’t see results from my teaching, then absolutely don’t take it any further. The deal is that there are many different roads to learning things and many different styles of teachers and I am just one sort. So I don’t suit everyone. But for those that I do suit I know I help them create valuable results. If you are in that category then all my material is here and will be here for a long time. Feel free to come back and get hold og it when the time is right for you.

      Looking forward to hearing about your results.



  3. John Hicks

    Simple and very good. I teach some skills that most people feel scared of and they say they don’t have enough confidence. So this was spot on. Thank you/

    1. Rintu Basu

      My Pleasure John,

      This is exactly why I developed this line of reasoning. Many times I also am teaching skills where the issue is not about having confidence but everything about not having the fear. So yes this is a way of loosening them up for the intervention and getting them using the skills.



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