Is New Year a Good Time for Resolutions?

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Many people make resolutions, set goals and generally plan for change around the New Year. There are reasons why this can be a disaster and some reasons why it might be a good idea. Here are some thoughts on both.


Common New Year resolution Pitfalls

Everyone is doing it, you should to

We traditionally set goals and make resolutions at this time of year. There is a good reason for this that we will explore below. But just because we have this tradition doesn’t mean you have to conform to it. I’ve seen many people come up with New Year Resolutions just because they feel like it is expected of them. What chance of success do you think they have?

Have someone else set your goals

The problem is people tend to set up goals and resolutions to fail. The most common route to failure is taking on someone else’s goals and resolutions. A common structure for this would be something like, “My partner wants me to stop smoking.”

You must deprive yourself for it to be worthy

Have you noticed people tend to set their resolutions as something they are losing, giving up or depriving themselves of? They talk about losing weight, stopping smoking being a better person through hardship and deprivation. How about resolving to be a better person through having more fun, doing more of what you enjoy and generally living it up? Are you more likely to succeed at the second?

Does that mean you shouldn’t set goals at this time of year?

Actually the opposite I am just suggesting that you do it with care. The New Year is traditionally a time when we stop, reassess where we have got to and plan where are going to go next. The reason this has become the place in time where we do this is all to do with the seasons.

The winter solstice is on the 21st of December. This is the change point where the days start getting longer and the nights getting shorter again. People get happier, more active and feel better as the days get longer and they get more sunlight. This is why we traditionally associate this time of year as change from the old and moving to the new. As such it seems like a great place to start new projects. Using the seasons to help you with your goals and resolutions seems like a great idea.

A Potential New Project

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