Motivated for the New Year, Why Bother?

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This is a short article linking self motivation, post Christmas Blues and persuasion techniques.


Motivation and Persuasion Techniques

Watch the news and you will be told the world is in economic meltdown. This time of year is notorious for depression, anxiety and just generally feeling down. This is in part due to long, cold winter nights and getting over the festive season. Add in the debts the festive season brings up, the struggling with New Year Resolutions that you were forced into by some well meaning loved one and having to go back to work.

Depressing Times

Given all this the question has to be, “Can we turn this around and even if we could why bother?”

I would rather be happily in debt than just in debt 

The key issue is really that we put the meaning on the things going on in our lives. For example a debt is just a debt…we choose how we feel about that debt based on background, experience and a whole host of other factors. This is why two people in the same situation can react so differently.


One way we provide that meaning is through constantly talking to ourselves in our heads. Often though this voice does not say supportive and helpful things. Consider the implications of having someone with you twenty four hours a day constantly whispering nasty unhelpful things to you and constantly criticizing everything you do. If you could would change that voice? 


Persuasion Techniques to Get the Perfect Life

Often when I talk to people about persuasion techniques they limit themselves to this crazy idea of getting people to do things against their will. Yet I have an idea that works a little differently about persuasion.

How about if I used my persuasion skills to motivate people to do what is best for them. I can then associate the things I want them to do for me to what is best for them. A win / win situation.

Motivation and Persuasion

Now if you are with me on this idea that persuasion skills are all about motivating people in a direction that is good for them. Would it make sense that these skills will work on you as much as anyone else. That means that you can use these skills to motivate yourself.

Improving Your Life by Learning Persuasion Techniques

One of the ten minute learning suggestions I make in the Persuasion Skills Black Book  Master Training Programme is to start using persuasion patterns on the voice in your head. As you start to persuade it to say better things you will find interesting things start to change about your approach to life. I also suggest that you start making up persuasion patterns to use on yourself and well as patterns to handle your own objections.

By thinking through these patterns you are already motivating yourself to do what is good for you. By using them on yourself you are also learning a huge amount about persuasion skills as well as what works and what needs work. You win on all counts.

 If you want to motivate yourself and get some astounding results for the New Year then The Persuasion Skills Black Book  Master Training Programme is a great place to start.

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