NLP Techniques: Dealing with Failure

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This article is a video on how failure impacts confidence and how we are better off by thinking things differently about both failure and confidence.

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 Failing Your Way to Success

The only way to get anywhere is to start the journey. I know this is a statement of the obvious but you would be amazed at how many people simply don’t realise this. A common double bind I find some people put themselves in is,

“I won’t start until I am confident of success”

They often don’t realise that “confident of success” will only come when they are prepared to have a go and are okay and are happy with the idea that they might fail. But obviously this is also based on how we define failure. This video will take you through a lot more of the detail and how you can reframe both failure and confidence to work for you rather than against.

The Confidence Booster

I have a short course taking this frame on confidence and looking at how you can get things done without needing the confidence to do them. Over the four videos we discuss what confidence is and isn’t and various techniques to be able to manage the negative emotions. The course is over an hour long split across four videos that you can stream the content on any pc, laptop, phone or tablet. And you get the audio track separated out so you can play it on any mp3 player.

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4 Comments on “NLP Techniques: Dealing with Failure”

  1. Regg

    I will start to win when I am not afraid to lose because the issue is, if I am not afraid to lose I will do all I can do, and all I can do is enough to win. Got me thinking Rintu, and I LOVE IT!!!

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