Upgrade Your Confidence in 20 Minutes or Less

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This article includes a twenty minute video that will show you techniques that can increase your confidence in two minutes or less. And then I’ll show you how you can develop your skills so you will never need a confidence boost ever again.

What Happens Inside Shows On the Outside

There are a whole bunch of NLP Techniques that are all about closely watching what is happening to people and drawing inferences about what is happening inside their minds.

The best NLP Trainers will tell you this is a two way process. If what you are thinking shows in your behaviour and mannerisms then you can also affect your thinking through your behaviour and mannerisms. This video is only twenty minutes but it explains in a far better way with evidence about the nature of thoughts and actions interacting…as well as giving you a way for you to use this to really boost your confidence.



The Process of Confidencing

Yes, I know I am making up words but I wanted to highlight an important consideration. Confidence is not a thing. My definition of confidence is the absence of negative emotions associated with the thing I am about to do.

braincarFor example I don’t feel confident about writing this article. I just know that inevitably I am just going to write it. Confidence doesn’t lay any part in the equation.

Now if I had never written an article before and I had a fear of what people thought of me and remember back to school days where teachers would always criticize my standard of English…well then I might need to do something about the confidence I need to write this article.

I have two ways I could go with this – a short term fix of overpowering the negative thing in order to get the job done in this instance – or some method of letting go of the negative so the whole idea of writing the article is not the big thing and just becomes part of your natural behaviour.

A lot of confidence building techniques work on the overpowering principle. And so long as you either anchor the process or keep using it until you have completely destroy the negative emotions this will work.

But what if you had a process where you removed the negative emotions behind the lack of confidence and then reframed your previous experience to support your natural ability to take the actions that you want? The great thing about your memory is that it selectively shows you your past to support whatever belief that you have. This also means with the right reframing techniques you can support any new ways of thinking that you choose as well. In this way you can restructure your thoughts for you to let go of the need for confidence. Let’s face it you don’t need confidence to read this article, you are just doing it.

On my next NLP Practitioner Course you will not only learn how to do this for yourself but also how you can do this with others bit overtly and covertly. Click through and find out more.


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