Who Do You Want as an NLP Trainer?

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I am often asked about why I appear different from many of the run of the mill NLP trainers that are out there. Most trainers have different values, beliefs and experience so are likely to be different one way or another. The real issue is how does that impact the learning that they can give you. Here is one way I am different and how you benefit from this approach.

Having the Confidence to Demonstrate

I remember one time many years ago when I was assisting on a course. The class were split into groups of six and were doing a particular exercise. As assistance we were there to provide feedback and make sure the group get results from the exercise.

The group I was working with were struggling to get the process together. And in the end I just demonstrated it, deconstructing it as I went. I talked them through it while doing it. I then asked the group to do it again for themselves and they got it.

Having the Confidence to Fail

What I found strange was the reaction of the trainer. She had seen what I had done and was quite angry at my approach. Almost certainly part of it was that I was just better skilled and more fluent than her at using, explaining and demonstrating the technique…but the thrust of her objection was what if you got it wrong?

Having the Skills to Fail Your Way to Results

I come from a school of training where your key skill is about being able to deconstruct a skill and be able to train that to others. So the issue is not how good you are yourself at using the skill but how well you can get it across to others.

I explained this to this trainer. I also went through my whole strategy from I expected a good result because I was confident in my skills. If still by chance I failed the exercise I had a fall back position about how I could still deconstruct the pattern, extract the learning and get the students to continue doing the exercise and getting results.

Success and Failure are Flip Sides of the Same Coin

My base philosophy around learning these skills is that the world is not all sweetness and light, things don’t always go to plan and that you should expect to have to improvise, tweak and just hang on and hope for the best some times.

It is easy to be successful when everything is going right. I want to teach you skills that you can use to be successful despite everything you can think of and lots that you didn’t think of going completely wrong.

Having the Confidence to let go of Confidence

That is part of the basic idea behind the Confidence Booster. It is having the ability to get things done even if everything is falling apart around you. You can click through and find out more here:


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