Advanced Persuasion Skills for Presentations

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Here is a perfect example of how to use Covert Hypnotic Persuasion in a Presentation to move people to action.

Dr Tom using Persuasion Techniques in Presentations

Here is Dr Tom’s email in full:

I want to give you a quick example of how your information DID make a difference.

I recently did a Health Talk for a Senior Citizens group. Good turn out, more than fifty people.

I know how to talk about Chiropractic so I didn’t put much (any) time in preparing. Brought some free samples (pain relief gel) did my talk, nice applause at the end, and figured I’d get five to ten new patients.

Nothing- not one in two weeks.

I asked if I could come back, as a follow up. They agreed (I found out later, many were just wanted more free samples!).

I didn’t bring any.

Didn’t talk much about Health Care or Chiropractic either.

I loaded up all the lessons you sent, squeezed them into a page of notes, and practised.

I explained that they had already paid for my services but weren’t receiving them. I did this with, the issue isn’t x it’s y, gave them statements, deleted the negatives with the word “but”, than added “and that’s what you really want isn’t it. I embedded commands, “It’s easier for you to “make your appointment now, because we are very comfortable with each other, aren’t we” as I nodded my head up and down. “Imagine how much better you will feel, now that you can reserve your spot today. Do it, I’ll start the sign up sheet with you.

Rintu, I got seven new ones in two weeks, and one to two more for several weeks after.

I am doing and going over the lessons at least ten minutes each day. The issue isn’t if I won the free course/book, but how are you going to choose the other winner?

Thanks again.

Dr Tom

The Difference that Makes the Difference

In the Hypnotic Presentations Deconstructed course I will show you a formula for creating this sort of motivation from any group with little or no practice. You will see the students on the recording dramatically change their presentations as they implement the tools and you will see me covertly using the same tools with these students and deconstructing what I am doing.

What that will mean to you is that, provided you know your subject, you can within seconds (this is not hype…I do mean seconds) structure a presentation that moves people from being a good listener to taking direct action on your behalf.

Before and After

Here is Alan with his original presentation before taking the course:

And here he is with the same presentation after he worked through some of my material

But if that is not enough on this course I will show you how to:

  • Covertly Embed Commands so you can get more of your audience to do what you want
  • Draw people in by using Anticipation Loops
  • Use Charisma Patterns to build legions of loyal fans and customers
  • Use results driven stories to take your audience into a buying trance.

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