Can You Slap the Stupid Out Using NLP?

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I’m not a violent man. But metaphorically some people really need to have the stupid slapped out of them. And I know that it wouldn’t work and that it would be wrong to try but I get a modicum of joy thinking about the process with certain types of people. Some people are just so seduced by hype that they become virtual imbecilic. This is the story of one such individual.

He Read My Book and Understood Nothing

Here is what has got my goat today. I spent half an hour with this guy who wanted me to help him get some results using some hypnotic persuasion skills. So he told me that he had read my book and then he told me about a number of courses that he had bought and had been through. None of them mine, but I recognised several that I had taken myself and I rate very highly.

The Worst Negotiation Ploy on the Planet

Anyway, nothing he had taken had improved his skills. He was using this as some sort of leverage to get a review copy of the Hypnotic Presentation Skills course. His negotiation ploy was to say that he is planning on putting together some sales presentations and he would write me a case study if my course worked for him.

Learned Everything, Applied Nothing

I started asking him about the courses and my book. Pretty quickly I came to the conclusion that he had read, watched and listened to the material but he had spectacularly failed in implementing anything. He had used nothing, practiced nothing and made no attempt to actually do anything with the material that he had.

This presses my hot buttons because I find a lot of these people around the NLP and Personal Development Community. They seem to be very knowledgable, well read and opinionated but with absolutely crap skills. If they took just a tenth of the effort in gaining knowledge and applied it to developing the skills they could be real masters.

Knowledge is Fun, Applied Knowledge is Power

This brings me to three points. Knowledge is great and still amounts to nothing until you apply it to something. People need to acknowledge that they have to do something, including fail, to be able to develop skills. And I don’t absolve some of the trainers selling their wares in this because they do tend to try and sell magic bullets, tap this course three times on your head and in some mystical way all your life problems will be solved.

I turned him down on his “offer” and in no uncertain terms. I said until he can demonstrate that he can take my material, apply it and work out how he can get results from it I won’t ever let him anywhere anything for free.

I made him aware of the fact that throughout the Persuasion Skills Black book I spend a huge amount fo time talking about how to practice, where you can apply the material to develop your confidence and one of the main criticisms people make of the book is that I spend more time with application than I do with theory.

I explained that in all my courses I do the same. I spend the time helping you take away the fear of failure, helping you to get excited and motivated to practice new skills and then about ways to practice that will develop your skills. And on balance, I do more of that than I do working on theory.

This is to the point where I am now restricting the numbers on the course so I can give them individual one on one coaching sessions.

Don’t Buy Unless You Apply

If you want to read about how to deliver a presentation that draws people in and gets them to do what you want then don’t bother with Hypnotic Presentations Skills Deconstructed.

If you want to:

  • Develop the confidence to use advanced hypnotic techniques that master orators use to whip up a frenzy of excitement and motivation I n their audiences
  • Practice in a way that guarantees your development of these skills
  • Actually spend time and energy gaining the skills that most people wish they had but can’t be bothered to work for

Then I have a course for you that I can guarantee will help get you there in the quickest time possible. But I can also tell you unequivocally tapping the course three times on your head and wishing really hard will gain you nothing at all.

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  1. boudewijn lutgerink

    So right. As the Aboriginal proverb says: “Knowledge is nothing, unless it is in your bones.”

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