How to make money with NLP

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This article is about a subject that is not often covered in NLP and that is how you can use NLP Techniques to make money.

NLP for MoneyMakers

There are several areas where good Hypnotic or NLP Technique can really help to make money regardless of the type of business you are in. Here are a few ideas:

Clearing up your own beliefs and ideas around money

Many people are brought up with negative representations around money, for example, “Money is the root of all evil.” Can you imagine how much harder it is to make money if you have these sorts of beliefs floating around in your head? NLP has a range of tools to not only blow out these beliefs and assumptions but also install inspiring, supportive and helpful beliefs about money.

Developing MoneyMaking Processes, Strategies and Techniques

NLP is primarily a process of modelling success. We can define success in any way we want and in this situation we are specifically taking about making money. This means that with these skills you can examine successful people and businesses and extract what makes them work and install those same processes in your business, your people and yourself.

Persuasion Techniques

Whether you want to develop a good sales process, motivate your teams or negotiate a good deal with suppliers and joint venture partners having a solid foundation in hypnotic persuasion skills is going to help. Hypnotic Language Patterns and NLP Persuasion Techniques when used ethically in business can produce dramatic results.

Finding the right trainers

If you want to get results you need skills. To get the right skills you need the right trainers. When I say the right trainers I mean people that not only have a proven ability to train you but also a proven ability in NLP and Hypnosis and a proven track record in making money.

The trouble with the best trainers is that there are only a few of them about, they are often short of time and they often charge a huge amount of money.

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be interviewed by my good friend Mike Campbell. I was amazed when he told me about the other people he had lined up for interview. When Mike told me he was giving the whole lot away for free amazement was no longer enough and I was forced to resort to astonishment.

Before I tell you how you can get to hear these interviews absolutely free let me tell you about the incredible people Mike Campbell and his partner Sean Collins have got together to share their secrets on how to make money using NLP:

  • Jason Fladlien – A terrific marketer and product creator who really knows how to put NLP Techniques to great use and is making serious money on line.
  • Michael Breen – A master NLP trainer noted for his work with NLP co-founder Richard Bandler. Michael is the go to guy for NLP in business.
  • Kenrick Cleveland – The Master of Influence, having created several incredible persuasion skills products including the Dark Side and Selling to the Affluent
  • Michael Losier – Bestselling author and Law of Attraction Trainer
  • Genie Z. Laborde – The highly influential author of Influencing with Integrity. This book is required reading for anyone interested in NLP influencing skills.
  • Tim & Kris Hallbom – Founders of the NLP and Coaching Institute of California and creators of The Wealthy MindTM Program
  • Shelle Rose Charvet – Internationally renowned author of Words that Change Minds and developer of applications of LAB Profiles.

I expect you have heard of some, if not all of these people. They are serious players in the NLP circuit, walk their talk and really know about making money both from training people and from their personal experience. I am proud and honoured that Mike and Sean think highly enough of me to associate me with these people.

How you can hear these interviews for free

Starting on Saturday 31st 2010 for the next eight days each interview will be released. There are limited number of lines but each call will be there for the whole day for you to listen to. To find out more about the programme and register just click through this link. But hurry, whilst this is a free programme each interview is only up for a day and the lines are limited. Here is the link for you to click through, find out more and register with NLP for MoneyMakers.

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