Advanced Persuasion Techniques in Sales

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DR sent me an email saying he had made money from using material from Advanced Persuasion Patterns.

How DR made an extra £6000 from Advanced Persuasion Skills

DR had only got as far as the second lesson when DR got a huge result. I asked him, as a favour to explain what he used. This is his response (edited to preserve anonymity).

“I was going to a sales meeting which I knew would be quite tough but I was expecting to come out with £6000 of business. I didn’t know what to expect so I spent the day before practicing redefines, agreement frames and commitment patterns. Since I had just seen it I also started practicing putting more authority in my voice – I’m really glad I did that.

The guy I was meeting questioned everything and in particular my background and experience. It was clear he didn’t have much confidence in me. I kept my voice low and authoritative, kept getting commitment from him for the answer he wanted and when he told me what he wanted I redefined it to what I had to give and gave him that instead.

I came out of the meeting with £12000 worth of business, an opportunity to propose for two more pieces of work and with him wanting to recommend me to other people in his network even though I have yet to start working properly with him.

I haven’t even finished reading lesson two yet and these are the results I’m getting. What am I going to be like at the end of the course, I can’t wait.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns is a downloadable course about using persuasion technqiues in any context. Interestingly DR is getting this just from the first couple of lessons just imagine what his sales meeting are going to be like when after lesson 5 he is embedding commands automatically, or after lesson 8 when he has constructed a few covert trance inducing metaphors, or even after lesson 12 when he starts profiling his prospects and matching his linguistic style to draw them in. I can’t wait either. Find out more click through here.







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