Hypnotic Language Patterns and Car Sales

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I received an email this week from a car sales man who has been trying out a few hypnotic language patterns. His patterns and my response are worth sharing.

NLP Persuasion for Sales

I normally ask permission to publish emails. I have not in this circumstance because the email address the person supplied keeps bouncing. I have made the email completely anonymous but obviously he will recognise it. If you wrote this email I would be grateful if you would write back in with another email address so I can thank you for this article.

NLP Persuasion Patterns

Here is the body of the email:

Today is my first day reading this book (The Persuasion Skills Black Book). I sell cars for a living and I can already see this being a huge help to me and my business. I wanted some feedback, if possible about this response I have.

Client: What is your best price on this car?

Me: The issue isn’t about the price of the car sir; the issue is whether or not I can show you the true value of this vehicle. Is this car going to provide you and your family the safety requirements you are most undoubtedly going to require, or is this car going to provide you with the comfort and amenities that you are going to require? If this doesn’t provide you with value, then it really doesn’t matter what the price of the car is, does it?

If you wrote this then please get in touch with an alternative email address.

Shifting Internal Representations

Here is my response before I knew the email address didn’t work:

This is a great start and here is a variation if it would suit your style (you can expand it a little as I am just going for the essential elements).

“I agree price is an issue but the bigger issue is will the car give you value for money, for me to help you get that I need to know what is important for you in the new car that you are looking to buy. So let’s start with that what is important to you about the car you own?”

Okay, that is packed full of presuppositions and patterns, which hopefully you have already spotted. The difference between the two approaches is that yours reinforces the idea that the price is not the issue. This is a great place if it is going to be a sticking point with the prospect. My version is shifting the prospect (along with some hefty internal representation of driving their new car) to answering questions about the things they want from the car so you can pitch properly.

Hope this helps.

Are you okay with me turning this into an article (first name and no contact details so you can remain anonymous)?

The Persuasion Skills Black Book

The great thing about the structures you are shown in The Persuasion Skills Black Book is that after a while you will find it easy to improvise around a theme. When you find yourself doing that you know that you have really got this pattern perfect and you will suddenly find yourself using it naturally, instinctively and without thinking about it.

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The Value of NLP Values in Sales

A great alternative to this approach is one I drill on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme. Values are your deep unconscious motivations. Imagine if you could covertly pull these out of your prospect and then attach them to your product or service. This is one of the most powerful hypnotic persuasion tools that you can learn and it is fully explored on Advanced Persuasion Patterns. This is the most comprehensive course for learning hypnotic language patterns on the internet and you can discover more about it right here:



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