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I’ve had a lot of response to my last article about using a pattern interrupt to drop someone into an instant state of suggestibility. This article will give you more ideas about how you can develop this skill.

Asking the Right Questions

The original article was about how I used a specific pattern to  develop a trance state  very quickly. The article is really about watching and timing. In NLP jargon, having the sensory acuity to  notice what you have got  and then the using it. Here is the article if you didn’t  read it initially.

Asking about the details on how  you create patterns, if they need to rhyme or what sort of voice inflection you should use doesn’t quite  hit the right point. The issue is not the detail of the interrupt, the issue is doing something that interrupts the subject’s flow and then inserting a new direction in the pause between thoughts.

Applying Pattern Interrupts in Sales

I was asked how I would use this approach in sales. So here is an article I wrote a while ago deconstructing various approaches to a specific objection including a pattern interrupt.

When I was developing my coaching practice one approach I used frequently to interrupt people’s programming would be to refuse to sell them my coaching programme until they had jumped through some hoops for me. It used to start from when they told me I was expensive. The pattern went something like,

“That’s right I am expensive, it’s because I deliver XYZ and you will find very few coaches can do this. But I don’t want you to buy from me until you recognise just how much value you get from me, so I want you to call some of the other coaches in the area, ask them these questions and find out that they don’t provide the solutions that I can give you. Once you have called a few and recognised how great a result you can get from me come back and we can discuss booking you on to the programme.”

You may want to explore the embedded commands and presuppositions that are running through this pattern as well. I agree I would lose a few by taking this approach but the quality of clients I used to work with was terrific and they would often be begging to work with me.

 But What Really Makes It Work

You might recognise that I don’t write articles about every time I use my NLP persuasion skills. I usually only write about incidents where I can demonstrate a good learning point. So you don’t know how many times I try things like this and fail completely, have a partial success or even how often it works.

What I can say is that the key is persistence, flexibility and sensory acuity. Here is an article I wrote a while ago where I took several bits at the apple and eventually got it to work. In this article I fully deconstruct what I am doing with the shop keeper and take you through the three times I applied different patterns before he eventually handed over the money. Just click the photograph and read the article here:

And here is a follow up article where amnesia was created accidentally, but created so strongly even the witnesses were starting to lose their confidence in what they saw happening. Just click the photograph and read the article here:

Crime Scene Investigations

And finally if you want to hear an extremely funny but masterful version of how far you can take this approach take a look here:

The Difference that Makes the Difference

If you have not already noticed the various articles all eventually point to the two key issues being:

  1. Sensory Acuity – Noticing what is happening in terms of the programme your subject is running
  2. Flexibility – Being able to respond to their programme and nudge it in the direction you want them to go in

Now the issue is not about learning some fancy pattern or technique but installing an attitude where you automatically use your persuasion skills to create these results.

On the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed download programme you will see me talk through how you can install a highly hypnotic personality. You will see me do this with a student on the course and you will have my notes on how you can do that for yourself.

But that is only a small part of the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course. You can click through and read more about it here:




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