NLP Examples, Instant Trance through Pattern Interrupts, Lesson Two

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A brilliant and insightful email from Marcus about Lesson Two of the Persuasion Skills Black Book has given me the opportunity to explain a very rapid trance induction technique.

Instant Trance

Here is the email.

Thanks for Lesson 2.

I agree that this is a powerful pattern, and I agree that it can be used to deflect objections, and I agree that it can be made even more powerful in the next lesson; so I know you believe it can be used in the form of a 3-stage “yes step” induction.

Customer in garage:

I agree the colour is right, and

I certainly agree it’s well equipped, and I agree it performs better than the old model, so I know you’ll want to help me with the price.

You’d use words other than “I agree” all the time though, to keep the flow of the language going.

The interesting question is whether that third “I agree” can be “I almost agree” without disrupting the pattern.  Maybe it will make the pattern more effective.  I’ve used that, but never noted the results.

Thanks for the Lesson.

Sales Technique, Building Yes Sets

I almost agree with what Marcus is saying here and would add the following. Building yes sets is an old style sales technique that has great applications although I use them slightly differently. The standard pattern is just about getting your prospect to stay saying yes so when you ask them if they are ready to hand over the cheque it is easy for them to continue saying yes.

NLP Technique, Hypnotic Pacing and Leading

This is the root of Hypnotic Pacing and Leading Techniques. Essentially by making sensory based statements that are absolutely and verifiably true your unconscious mind has to agree with what is being said. You then add a statement that is not verifiable but you want to be true for your client and it becomes easy to follow along.

Here is an example:

NLP Example of Hypnotic Technique

As you are looking at your PC, reading these words you are going further into a trance.

The first two statements are true, the third may or may not be, but it is easy to follow along. Having read this and having got an understanding of the concept, you are eager to learn more. And that is a good thing because you will find more about hypnotic pacing and leading in Lesson Five.

What I would like to lead on to now is a very powerful NLP Technique called a pattern interrupt.

Hypnotic Technique, NLP Pattern Interrupt

The basic idea is that people like to follow a coherent pattern of ideas, thoughts or events. When this pattern is broken an element of confusion is created and that can lead to instantaneous hypnotic trance.

Some of you will have seen or heard of handshake inductions used by some NLP Trainers, especially Richard Bandler. This works from the same principles. Let us talk a little more about how pattern interrupts might work in a persuasion setting instead. It is easier to explain through example, so let me give you an example of a pattern interrupt and then deconstruct it.

Hypnotic Persuasion Example of NLP Techniques, Pattern Interrupt

For a variety of reasons that are not relevant here I was once being accosted by three rather violent men in a pub. As they approached offering me a violent outcome I raised my voice and said something like “Sh*t, I forgot the kittens!!” The lead guy stopped, looked at me and started saying something when I interrupted, still in a loud voice but gradually calming down, with something like “If I had the kittens, you would want to stroke them wouldn’t you!”

Within a few minutes I had all three holding and stroking imaginary kittens tickling them under the chin and scratching them behind the ears. This example is fully deconstructed in The Persuasion Skills Black Book along with many ideas on how to use these sorts of persuasion techniques.

You can explore the book further on Amazon:

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What Marcus has hit upon in his email above is an even more sneaky persuasion strategy. And that is to install the pattern in the first place and then break it.

On my  Advanced Persuasion Patterns you will learn various different ways of installing a pattern in your subject. Then by breaking it you can send them into an instantaneous trance state where you may well be able to load in a few embedded commands.

I should leave you with some ideas of the benefits you could get from learning that one pattern, but I guess you are already thinking of many of your own and if you are not then a great place to start for some ideas is The Persuasion Skills Black Book.



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  1. doctor

    I have used a pattern interrupt once,and it worked great!!!I was with this girl and I liked her,problem was she was always with guys surrounding her so one day I came up to her in front of the guys and it was my first time using a pattern interrupt, I said “hi I’m sure you’re Wondering who I am because you might Feel Curious,not that you should Focus Right Now on me,I just wanted to (pattern interrupt) go out with me now… how about we go somewhere more private and she agreed,the guys were stunned but not as much as I was.

    1. Rintu Basu

      It happens that way when you first start to use this sort of material. Pattern interrupts are not easy to master and they don’t always work. But when they do the effectiveness usually surprises everyone.

  2. Conversational Hypnosis

    Hey, thank you very much for this interesting theme. As a person who is interested in conversational hypnosis, I really appreciate NLP for its new look on the power of an influence! 🙂

  3. RockHard

    Hell yeah! This post sounds really good. Reading your blog is useful and interesting. Love the kitten story.

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