Using NLP and Hypnosis to Sell Your Products and Services

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Double or Triple Your Sales Ethically using NLP, Conversational Hypnosis and Psychological Persuasion Techniques

Diversity Business People Sale Marketing Strategy Concept

Applying Techniques developed from the Persuasion Skills Black Book Strategically to Sales to dramatically increase your customer base and convert them from normal customers to raving fans

This course has been specifically designed to allow you to take what you have learned from the Persuasion Skills Black Book and apply it directly in a sales environment. And don’t worry if you have not got a copy of the Persuasion Skills Black Book – a copy is included. So you can use this material even if you have never used a hypnotic language pattern in your life.

With that in mind here are some questions about the course that I think you might like answered before making an informed purchasing decision.

NLP Sales Course FAQ

In one sentence what will I get from this course?

This course will give you a strategic approach to selling, a sales process to pour all your hypnotic language into and the ability to convert more people whilst selling ethically and without being pushy.

What problem does it solve?

If you suffer from any of these issues then this course will have valuable content to help you achieve more sales. You:

  • Speak to a prospect for ages, they clearly have a need for your product or service and then they don’t buy or jump to a competitor
  • Are frightened of selling, don’t like blowing your own trumpet, or you feel like you are conning people
  • Sell complex intangible services like coaching, training, counselling or hypnotherapy
  • Are new to sales or don’t have a clearly defined process
  • Know you are not converting as much as you could but don’t know how to get more
  • Struggle to integrate hypnotic language, NLP and covert persuasion skills into your sales process
  • Talk them out of the sale even when they seem interested
  • Make a perfect sale and everyone is happy but a couple of days later they come back for a refund
  • Know all the theory, tools and techniques but somehow in the heat of the moment you forget to use them
  • See the same trivial objections come up time and time again and you want to bypass them
  • Don’t feel like you have either the control or the authority to lead the conversation and let the prospect take it anywhere they want to go

Ultimately if your business is to sell products or services and you are not converting everyone that is appropriate then this course has material that is worth using.

Who specifically would benefit from this course?

If you have a product or service then there is a need for a sales process. This course looks at the relationship between the sales person, the prospect and the product and shows you how to manage that process. In that respect anyone that wants new sales tools will benefit from this course.

If you are in any of the categories below this course will have a lot of relevant material for you:

  • New to sales
  • Frightened of selling
  • Have negative views about selling
  • Unclear about a sales process
  • Concerned about appearing pushy, arrogant or any other negative sales stereotype
  • Selling large, complex or intangible services like consultancy, coaching, training or therapy
  • An experienced sales professional and you want to up your game using advanced tools and techniques to let your prospects make well informed purchasing decisions
  • A student of hypnotic persuasion and are struggling to integrate the material into your sales process
  • Looking for tools, techniques and strategy that you can use yourself or train into your sales force

Tell me how the course is structured?

Included in the course is a pdf copy of the Persuasion Skills Black Book and the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master training Programme. This is essential reading for the main part of the course so even if you have not met my material before you will have everything you need to start the course.

The next section of the course contains the sales foundation material. Through a series of video lectures you are guided through all the essential models, tools and techniques that make the sales programme so powerful.

The next part of the video presentations includes the sales process. I outline the sales process and show you how all the models, tools and techniques fit in. You can see an overview here:

After that you can go through the material from the original Trancey Coaching Conversation Course. This is a video of a workshop I ran where you can see many of the sales tools we discussed being put into action. I demonstrate:

  • Spatial anchoring for presentations,
  • The trance inductions and preframes that I use to sell training and coaching
  • How I use timeline linguistic patterns to change beliefs, undo decisions and future pace a purchase

You get to see how I do all this with a group as well as a written deconstruction of what I am doing that is time stamped so you can follow along.

And then finally I have an audio and video about creating and selling information products on the internet. This might seem a little at odds with the rest of the course but the reality is a lot of my sales process is about setting yourself up in a position of authority. And nothing does that better than info products.

How do I get on the course?

There are two ways of getting the course. You can click through to the Create E-Learning website, pay £97 ($150 approx.) and stream the content. Or you can own and keep your own personal copy for far less on a limited special offer below.

If you want to pay almost double the price and have to stream the content from an eLearning platform click through here:: The Hypnotic Sales Course 


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