What Makes a Good Persuader?

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This is a little departure from my normal articles. Have a watch of this guy selling and see if you can spot what makes him good at what he does.

The Cult of Personality

I would say that Kenny does four or five things really well. So let’s just look at the first three.

Pattern Interrupts – They prospects quite clearly were not expecting a door to door salesman to be like that. As soon as you are faced with a normal situation which suddenly turns into something you are not expecting all of your normal responses go out of the window. That means you have a direct opportunity to redirect the situation to where ever you want. This guy is a master at that.

Rapport Building – He is a very funny guy, he has obviously learned and practised his ad libs and one liners. If anything is calculated to build rapport it is making people laugh.

We will come back to the third one in a moment because I want to pause here for a moment and consider these two aspects. Some people will have watched this video and thought to themselves, “I couldn’t do that. It is too much of just his personality.”

There is some truth in that he is using his personality to his best advantage. I think all great persuaders use their personality as part of how they communicate. So for me the key here is building the tools around your personality and how you would like to use them.

The Process

The third aspect of this video I would like to bring up is the process. Kenny is quite clearly using a process. And right through the whole conversation and demonstration he is taking them through his sales process.

Personally I don’t think it is a great process and I wouldn’t use it. But it must work brilliantly for Kenny and it suits him perfectly. I think all good persuaders have a process they take their prospects through that integrates with their personality and the situation.

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