NLP Techniques to Use Your Imagination for a Change

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Lots of personal development junkies talk about setting goals and visualising them as if you have achieved them. I think that is a great start because it gets you all emotional and motivated to achieve. But I also think there are steps that you need to consider that are not talked often that are necessary on some level or another … Read More

The More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become

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This article is about a particular accelerated learning technique that can dramatically improve your ability to use hypnotic language patterns. And as a bonus you will get to learn another fun and easy to use language pattern. Try Before You Buy I’ve seen a lot of people fall in to an interesting double bind in many different learning situations. Some … Read More

Just What is Possible with Hypnosis?

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This article is about a specific incident involving some incredibly dark and nasty sides to hypnosis. If you are squeamish about these things, or don’t want to know just how dangerous hypnosis can be you might be better off not reading on.