Using Conversational Preframes

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Following on from the article yesterday about preframes this article is a great concept that can allow you to preframe every sentence that you say. To get the most from this article you probably want to have read the one from yesterday right here.

Psychic Persuasion Skills!

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About ten years ago I read a book that transformed my persuasion skills. The book was about a fascinating subject called ‘cold reading’. This article is about how cold reading can help you to become more persuasive in every facet of your life: personal, social and professional.

Getting Real Results using NLP Techniques

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Have you noticed just how much NLP stuff that is out there that is high level theoretical junk that is difficult to apply? This article is about just how easy it is to get really solid results from NLP persuasion techniques when you ground it down to a direct application. Here is the story of John and how he got … Read More