How to Use Metaphor as a Persuasion Technique

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Using Story Telling to Embed Commands The following story is an example of how you can use your persuasion skills in a very covert way. The example itself demonstrates how you can pre-teach a process. In this particular case we are pre-teaching a process to change someone’s mind set using their imagination.

Why Train NLP with The NLP Company?

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This is really two questions in one. The first is why train in NLP and the second is why go on one of our NLP training courses. There are a lot of good articles on what NLP is and why people should train in it. To really know how a course would benefit you I would need to know something … Read More

Persuasion Techniques to Deflect Rejections

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I have recently had an email from Steve who has recently purchased The Persuasion Skills Black Book. He has raised a point that lets me unpack a whole raft of ideas for drawing people into your presentation especially if you are worried about interruptions and objections.