NLP Business Building

Rintu BasuBusiness1 Comment

There is a misconception in some quarters about NLP that it is a therapy or coaching tool. While it can be used in that context NLP is much bigger than that. This article examines some uses of NLP for business.

NLP Techniques and Sales

Rintu BasuJob Hunting, Sales1 Comment

This article looks generally at how some NLP Techniques relate to sales. Many people do not realise that applying for jobs is just sales technique. If you are interested in exploring Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques applied to job searching skills then have a look at the Hypnotic Interview Skills Programme.

NLP Sales Process, Deconstructed

Rintu BasuSales4 Comments

Here is version of my Sales Process with some of the elements of NLP deconstructed. I hope by reading through this you can get some ideas of your own and it demonstrates where and how elements of NLP can be integrated into a sales process.