Using Hypnotic Language as a Filter

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In this eight minute video you will discover how you can use your language to filter the images in everyone’s head. This is probably the most influential thing about hypnotic language, if you truly get your head around this one concept you will become an incredibly skilful covert hypnotic persuader. It is an easy concept to learn but it is … Read More

How to Completely Fail as an NLP Coach

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I only take on a few coaching clients every year and have dramatically scaled down my coaching practice over the years. The truth of the matter is I am not very good at it. This article is why I suck at coaching and how you can avoid the problems that I have.

How Would You Apply NLP Skills

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This video is an interview of three of the students from last year’s NLP Practitioner Course on their last day. It is an active demonstration of how internal filters completely change perspective and it is a great exercise to practice spotting how your language frames your experience.

Using Conversational Preframes

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Following on from the article yesterday about preframes this article is a great concept that can allow you to preframe every sentence that you say. To get the most from this article you probably want to have read the one from yesterday right here.

Playing with NLP Language Patterns

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You might not have the flexibility to use this hypnotic language pattern everywhere, but what if it were possible to flip just another 5% of decisions in your favour through using this technique. Would that make enough of a difference for you to read this article and discover how?

What Use is NLP?

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Would you like to rediscover an incredibly powerful tool that can give you instant power or an edge in any situation? Would you be interested in learning the key to NLP that other people have paid thousands of pounds for? It is all in this article.

More Questions About Pattern Interrupts

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I’ve had a lot of response to my last article about using a pattern interrupt to drop someone into an instant state of suggestibility. This article will give you more ideas about how you can develop this skill.